Keeping Your Employees Happy In A Small Business

Small businesses may only have one or two members of staff, but they are all vital to the success of the venture, so it makes sense to look after them. If you are a good boss; considerate, understanding and reliable, your employees will feel more loyal and be prepared to go out of their way or work that bit harder to help you out. It makes sense to follow a few basic principles of staff welfare to keep your workers on your side and giving you their best.

Why it’s so important to keep employees happy

To put it simply, reward works better as a motivator than punishment. Employees that are appreciated and treated decently are likely to work harder and be happier to stay late to get things done than those who are not respected or appreciated. If you have staff working for you, make sure you are abiding by all federal, state and local laws regarding employee rights, health and safety in the workplace and dealing with salaries and taxes. Make use of services that can make this easier for you such as the Pay stub generator, for producing check stubs. The easiest way to alienate someone who works for you is to make a hash of their paycheck!

Being a good boss

No one is suggesting you should be a pushover and let the employees do as they please -that won’t earn you respect, either. The most well-respected bosses are those that expect high standards of themselves and their employees without abusing their position. The boss who is brilliant at his job, but constantly shouts abuse at his staff will find they are unwilling to stay late or come in early. To be a good boss, you need to think of your employees as human beings with lives outside of work, who should be valued, cared for and appropriately equipped. Always greet them in the mornings and be happy to see them; ask after them and their families; be supportive when they are unwell or suffer a bereavement.

Not going too far

Knowing when your employees’ birthdays are and marking the occasion with a box of donuts is a considerate act that will be appreciated and enjoyed. Don’t go overboard though, and have a special cake made with their name on it or arrange a birthday party. There are boundaries that should remain in place between you and your staff, and crossing them could result in your employees feeling uncomfortable.

Investing in training and facilities

Your workforce can’t function properly without the right equipment, so make sure they have everything they need and that it is the highest quality you can afford. Make sure they don’t have to badger you for supplies and that they have access to clean and well-stocked restroom and eating facilities. Make sure your staff gets all the training they need and that their skills are kept up to date with ongoing training.

Trying to cut corners on staff welfare will not save you money in the long run, in fact, it is more likely to cost you in lost productivity. On the other hand, investing in people will reap the rewards and contribute to increased profits.

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