How to Keep Your Customers Happy: Communicate Well

Communication is at the heart of every relationship and your relationship with your customers is no different. In our modern world, people expect to be able to contact companies quickly and easily, so making sure that you are there to take a message if nothing is will only improve your business.

Of course, you can’t be expected to answer your phone every single time it rings, so what sort of solutions could you put in place to ensure that you are reachable to your customers? How can you assure them you are listening? Well, for a start, you need to make your business more accessible, then be diligent and do exactly what you say you will.

Social Media

People are increasingly expecting social interaction on platforms including Facebook and Twitter, so don’t be surprised if you find that many customer contact you here. You can use automated messages on Twitter to help you to respond quickly and assure your customers that you have received their message and on Facebook you can send instant replies to anyone who messages your page.

Both of these tools are ideal for showing your customers that you have received their message and will get back to them soon. This offers reassurance, but also give you a chance to direct them to any FAQ or explanation pages already available on your website that could solve their issue.

While you are around, make sure that you have a social media manager who can keep on top of messages as they come in and provide interesting links and posts for your followers. Social engagement is key to keeping your company in the limelight and building positive relationships with your customers.


While social media is popular, there are lots of people who would much rather pick up the phone and talk to someone directly. As a small company, you should set up an answerphone system for when the office is empty and then make it clear that you will respond as soon as the office opens in the morning.

You can also use landline texting for companies to send automated responses by text to anyone who rings. This is another way to assure them that you are dealing with their issue and that there could be helpful sources online.


If there is one way that businesses should be communicating it is by email. Emails are fast, cheap and efficient for sending out lots of information and marketing campaigns. How often you email depends on the type of business you are and the services you provide, but the main aim is to keep in touch with your client base and keep them informed about your latest endeavors and offers.

Communicating with your customers is about ensuring that they know they can talk to you and get a good response every time. They need to know what you are doing, where you are up to and what is in it for them. Essentially, keeping track of your customers is as simple as talking to them.

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