Basic Security For Small Shops And Businesses: A Top Priority

If you’re finally in a situation where you have moved your small startup company out of the garage and into a proper location, good job, you made it. However, as great as it may be, this comes with its own set of problems and issues. You suddenly have a physical representation of your business, and while that in itself might seem like an excellent thing, considering you basically get free advertisement just due to the fact that you exist, there is a thing which you need to take care of as quickly as possible. That thing, would be security. For yourself, your staff, and your venue, the security must be taken care of as one of the very first things when you move to a new location. Protect your workers and your riches in one fell swoop by upping the security of your store, and you won’t have to deal with it again for a long while.

Install CCTV

Everyone saw this coming, as you should, because this is basically a necessity in this day and age. However, other than just installing the usual cameras with a control panel somewhere in the office quietly recording away, there are some other options worth considering. One such thing would be a hidden spy camera which in itself has a plethora of uses. Want to test your staff and see if they are trustworthy? Install a discreet spy camera somewhere near the safe or the cashier to keep things in check. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, then don’t be afraid to find out more about it.

The good ol’ bell

If someone is ever going to attempt to steal something from your shop, the chances are that it would probably be someone from outside, a random passerby, a stranger, not your staff. While it may be important to keep tabs on your staff in their early days at the company, the moment they have proven themselves you should refocus all your efforts on the customers front door. After all, that is the main entrance to your establishment, and considering it is probably open to the public, you just never know who might show up. The latest tech is all well and good but sometimes the most basic things have been proven to be just as useful. Putting a bell over the front door is simple and effective, not to mention cheap, and it basically lets everyone within earshot know that someone just came in through the door. If you feel like you have some extra money to spend, you can go for a more modern digital version of the bell which sends alerts to your phone or place of choice.

Train your staff

No amount of technology will be foolproof at keeping your company safe if your staff is oblivious to anything that is going on. Make sure to give your employees the rundown about the installed security systems to that they too can use it to their advantage. If there is one particular spot in the shop which is hard to keep track of, check if it is not a blind spot. Remedy this by either installing another camera in that particular place, or even just a well-placed mirror, allowing for easy viewing.

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