3 Reasons Why Health And Safety Is So Important

Health and safety is important to any business for so many reasons. It might feel like a time sink that is pulling you away from other more important issues, but it is a necessary part of any business. With that in mind, here are three reasons why health and safety is so important.

Financial Reasons

There are plenty of financial reasons to have decent health and safety in your business. A good example is, if you do not have good health and safety and have fire risks in your office, this could cause a fire. This might end up burning down your offices or at least meaning that you need to pay for repairs. This might be able to be avoided if you had decent fire procedures, risk assessments and better health and safety on the premises. There are other things that can happen that a risk and whether or not somebody gets hurt, it can end up damaging your bottom line. This is something that any business will want to avoid. You should be able to get on with your work and not have to payout for accidents or damages. This means that you need to ensure that you have decent health and safety.

Legal Reasons

If something bad happens and you as a company have done everything in your power to prevent it and done everything the way you should have, then you are going to be on sound legal ground if somebody files a claim against you. However, if you haven’t and you get sued, then you are going to be in serious legal trouble. This might mean a substantial payment or at the very least bad press. In order to avoid this, you will want to ensure that everything is above board and that you have policies and procedures in place that mean that you won’t be liable for legal ramifications if something does go wrong. Places like MFASCO can ensure that you have things like first aid kits and other health and safety items.

Employee Reasons

Above mentions that if you end up injuring an employee at work, then you can be liable for a legal claim and this could cost the company a lot of money. However, that is no the only employee related reason to have good health and safety. Health and safety also looks at the smaller things such as cleanliness and overall health of your staff. This means that if you have poor quality, dirty workplace, then your employees are far more likely to need to take sick leave and this will reduce the productivity of your company. This will, in turn, end up costing your company money. If your employees are getting ill and sick, then they aren’t going to be as productive. Equally, if they feel that their work environment is unsafe or not nice to work in, then they are going to be far less motivated and not as loyal to your company. This means that it is important to ensure that you have good health and safety policies and that you enforce them to ensure that everything is running as it should and that staff aren’t getting ill due to their work environment.

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