WordPress: An Introduction To The Internet’s Most Powerful Tool

The internet has grown to become an ecosystem, connecting everyone and everything on earth. The new global marketplace it has created has given everyone an opportunity to build and establish brands that have low start-up costs and access to nearly unlimited global customers.

And you know what? WordPress is the go-to platform for easy and affordable site creation. It is the tool that powers nearly 30% of the internet and about 50% of the top 1 million sites online. This behemoth of a Content Management System is the market leader for developers and hosting companies alike as the number one site building platform of all time.


The first version of WordPress, WordPress 0.7, was launched on May 27, 2003, and it is older than Facebook and Twitter.

What started as a simple blogging platform meant to empower the growing community of online bloggers and writers, quickly grew into an even broader internet tool that today is used to create any type of website.

WordPress is free source or open source code and has a new update every 42 days on average. The next major update is due Nov 2017 with the release of WordPress 4.9.

How It Works

WordPress uses themes and plugins to make just about any function a website could need very easy to implement.

The themes work as a frame for site building, while the plug-ins add customized features of the administrator’s choosing. Currently, there are nearly 53,000 plugins for WordPress available that offer a host of features, from web commerce to spam detection and prevention.

WordPress is a powerful free-to-use tool that is widely adopted all across the internet.

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