Time: Keeping More Of Your Team’s Most Valuable Resource

In business, time can be much more important than money. For one, you spend money on overheads every single second and every single second wasted is productivity lost that reduces your return on investments. But wasted time also creates a work environment that feels stifling, lifeless, and pointless. Here, we’re going to look at how you can keep more of that most valuable of resources and how to use it more effectively.

Know where it goes

A lot of time is wasted by people who have no plans. You might have plenty of work, but so long as you refrain from properly prioritizing it and using time management software to give yourself a plan, you won’t get as much of it done. For instance, it helps you batch work using the same tools and processes, so you’re not wasting time switching from one software program to another or switching mindsets. It also helps you better realize which tasks you need to carry out now and which can wait while you take care of more critical work.

Keep productivity positive

Using those planning tools and teaching employees how to use them can make them feel a lot better about keeping on top of their workload. And you do want them feeling better about the work they do. Their happiness and motivation are directly linked to their productivity. People who are distracted and who are stressed tend to give into interruptions and distractions more often and have a harder time meeting their usual targets and getting their usual results.

Take tech with you

There is a piece of tech for almost every process imaginable in the business. It’s up to you to find which processes take up the most time and which you can make the most efficient. In product design, auto routing can save time with the electronic components. In management, HR automation software can save the time it takes to process payroll and track work leave. If you can’t find the software that can help you do a process quicker, then you can usually have it built for you, too. Plenty of businesses use bespoke software built specifically to how they work so don’t worry that you’re going to have to spend even more time retraining everyone to a brand-new working style.

Stop wasting it

Look at where time is wasted in the business. What are the sources of distraction, such as social media use, inefficient communication, or noise due to a poor work environment? What are the sources of downtime, such as internet failure or equipment malfunction? Find the solutions to the biggest time wasters by sitting down and addressing what they actually are. For instance, ineffective weekly team meetings can not only be a huge time sink, they can ruin team morale, too.

Through software, through planning, and through a focus on the team, you can make the business much more efficient, productive, and profitable. When you master how you spend your time, you can focus a lot more on the work that matters, not the work that gets in the way.

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