Is It Time To Shake Up Your Marketing For The New Year?

At this point in the year, it’s safe to say that you’re all thinking ahead. Not only are we all looking forwards to a bit of a break over the holiday season, we’re also looking forward to what the New Year can bring. Because there’s nothing quite like the promise of January 1st to get you thinking about what you want to do over the next twelve months. While a lot of people will be focusing their mind on personal goals, there are some of us that will be all business. With a new year, there’s always room for new changes – especially those that your business could be in need of.

Every small business gets stuck in a rut every now and again. Whether you’ve just started up or you’ve been around the block a few times, sometimes you just need a change. While your business operations are likely to stay the same (because they work for a reason), one area of the business that can always benefit from a new lease of life in January is your marketing. Because you’re starting a new year, it’s the first quarter and you want to hit it hard. And to do that, you need to try out some new tactics, so let’s take a look at what some of those could be.

Digital Ideas

First up, we’re going to take a look at what you could to transform your digital marketing efforts as they currently are. Because you can always be doing more, and for 2018, you’re going to want to kick things off with a bang.

Starting Some Search

If you’ve never really tried out much search marketing in the past, now could be the perfect time to give it a try. You may have worked on some SEO tactics in the past, but you may never have tried out paid search. You’ll find that Google Adwords is relatively easy to get the hang of, or you can work with an agency to try it out. You may also find that you start to meet your traffic and sales goals when you tailor your campaigns correctly too.

Trying Out Display

Then, there’s also display marketing to consider too. This is something that’s often seen as a bit complicated to most people. But again, Google has a product that you can work on. Although you may not want to display too many ads, you will often find that retargeting is really effective and could really change your marketing tactics.

Tighten Up Your SEO

Whether you have worked on SEO much before in the past or not, next year should be the year that you aim to nail yours. You may find that working with an agency for link building is a super good idea here. Or working on a guest posting strategy yourself.

Social Strategies

Next up, another huge part of the online marketing world is social media. And we all know that getting this right can really make a difference to your marketing overall. So, why not try some of these ideas.

Test Out A Paid Placement

It’s highly like that you’re already great at your social media already. As long as you post regularly and engage with your followers, you’ll probably be nailing your social marketing. But, if you’ve not working on social media advertising before, this could be the next stage for you. You’d be surprised by the results you can get when you do paid placements. So set up some campaigns and see how they do for you.

Create A Content Strategy

Do you tend to post as and when you feel like it, or even when you have something to share? While sporadic posting is good, especially when you’re interacting with followers, but to get the most of out of your activity, you should definitely think about putting a content strategy in place. You can often be a bit more calculated about your activity, and ensure that you get more out of it.

Work With Influencers

Finally, you should definitely think about working with some influencers. Influencer marketing can often feel a little bit alien. But when you work with influencers in your industry, you can often get some really great results. Not only can you harness the power of their influence and audience, but you’ll also be able to access a new range of customers too.

Offline Magic

It’s easy to want to put all of your efforts into offline marketing ideas – especially when the budget is low and you’re new to business. But you will find that offline tactics can really tighten up your overall strategy.

Think About Traditional PR

You may have been working on some online PR methods without really knowing that you’re doing it. But, you are going to find that you could actually get a lot out of traditional PR. if your audience tends to use certain media outlets, then it’s going to be in your interest to work with them. Although you may not want to plough all of your budget into this, testing it out could be a great idea for you going forward.

Host An Event

From here, you’ve also got events to consider. Customers often respond really well to events. If you’re B2B, then a trade show or exhibition would be a great way to meet face to face with clients. If you sell to consumers, hosting in-store events or even purpose-planned parties is a great way to not only market to your customers, but to say thank you to them too.

Work With Merchandise

And finally, you may also want to think about getting some merchandise together. If you work with local customers or have a strong offline presence, merchandise such as business cards, sign-writing, and even pens or umbrellas can be a great way to market your business and keep your name at the front of your customer’s minds.

Branding Basics

And finally, you’re going to want to see how improving your current brand could have an impact on your marketing effectiveness too. This could also be a great way to go into the New Year full steam ahead.

Change Your Colors

If you’ve never really been all that sold on your branding, or you feel as if you don’t have a strong brand as it is, then change it. You could find that working with a new color is exactly what your branding needs too. Because the power of color should never be underestimated. If you want to seem risky, go for red. Maybe you want to seem pleasant and playful? Yellow is for you. And go for green if you want to seem healthy. But these are just a few examples of what color can do.

Go With A Redesign

Next up, you could also think about doing a website redesign. New year, new website? It could be exactly what you need. Not only could you make the new website more efficient, but you may find that a new look draws in a range of new customers too.

Join It All Up

Finally, you should definitely think about tailoring your branding so that it all matches up. It’s important to ensure that your online and offline methods match. If you want to create a strong brand that not only looks great but really makes the right impact on your customers, you need to integrate everything. When you do, it could also improve each and every other change you make to your marketing going forward.

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