Instagram- Why Your Business Should Be Active On Social Media

Millions of active users create an astonishing amount of content each day on social media and this presents a worthwhile marketing opportunity for business entities around the world. Unfortunately, some businesses are not active on social media and they miss out on numerous organic possibilities for growth and development.

For any business that has a substantial monthly budget for digital marketing, Instagram and other social media platforms offer attractive advertising and targeting options in photo and video formats. Visual content is a popular advertising solution because a large percentage of customers are more receptive to visual information than text.

Using Social Media for Business

Several benefits are associated with leveraging social media as a channel for marketing purposes. As visual content steadily gains traction on social media sites, it has become increasingly necessary for brands to focus on creating and developing quality material. The social media shift to visual indicates that more businesses are realizing the importance of communicating visually with customers and followers.

Instagram is one of the well-known platforms that enable you to capitalize on this timely shift. It is among the most widely used photo sharing platforms that allow you to share photos and short videos with followers. There are multiple images that are shared every day, which provides yet another reason to utilize the platform.

Increasing Engagement

Branded updates and quality posts on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can earn you high levels of engagement. When you have an active social media account that contains interesting and useful content, you can expect heightened interactions with your followers for Instagram and other platforms. Quality social media content has the potential to generate more engagement per customer or follower on different sites.

Personality and Trust

Since branded content is a popular way to generate engagement, it can make it easier for you to develop trustworthiness. People want to be able to buy from other people and social media helps you create an emotional and human connection with the audience. It allows you to share daily experiences in a casual and informal way, which gives your business a personal feel and touch.

Photos of behind the scene activities and employees rank highly on social media sites like Instagram. If you are a particular service provider, these types of images can make your business more trustworthy and attractive to create a positive effect on your profitability.

Increasing Traffic

Although it may not be possible to include clickable links in each and every social media update that you publish, platforms like Instagram can be effective sources of online traffic. With high levels of engagement on social media, it can be highly beneficial to create and maintain a strong online profile for your website’s visibility.


A number of businesses currently embrace Instagram and have a competitive advantage over other businesses that do not use social media. Incorporating social media into your marketing strategy means that you are more likely to reach your target audience in a competitive market. If your target market is the aptly named millennial classification, platforms such as Instagram are where your business needs to be so that you can connect with the crowd in this group.

Author Bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.

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