How Is Digital Signage Opening The Doors Of New Possibilities For Small Businesses?

Digital signage provides a fair ground for competition for small businesses and larger corporations. In a cutthroat world, smaller companies often do not get a chance to stand up against larger corporations. The principle is quite simple here. The payout does not depend on your size or the number of larger enterprises you are competing against. It somewhat depends on the number of screens and their placements.

All kinds of electronic message board-share tools for advertising and marketing. They provide equal opportunities for all SMBs. Digital marketing including social media marketing, email marketing, CPC, and PPC has become pay to play ploys. Using these more conventional methods for brand building and brand promotion can be tough for new entrepreneurs who are trying to find their ground on a shoestring budget. Digital signage swoops in to save the day for them and here are the top 5 reasons you should consider digital displays for your business as well –

Builds trust and a loyal customer base

Companies need to build a face because customers and potential customers find it easier to trust a face rather than an intangible concept. Companies can easily define a personality for themselves by employing digital signage and message boards.

This is not just true for retailers and B2B marketers. Hospitals, dental clinics, and private clinics are best for TV message boards. They can educate people about diseases, medication, prevention, treatment, and cure. They can help people understand that these establishments care.

We have seen salons, clothing stores and grocery stores employ digital signage to educate people about their products, services and best fitting offers. Once you make an effort to help people make the right purchasing decision, it becomes much easier for them to trust your name.

Flexibility comes as a norm

Almost all kinds of businesses benefit from digital signage. Although, at the moment, cafes, restaurants, airports and similar companies are utilizing these signs, very soon we expect these message boards to find a stronghold in regular supermarkets, grocery stores, food services and transport businesses.

These are flexible, and you can use them for some purposes.

  • You can use them to tell your brand story.
  • You can tell them to upsell certain products.
  • You can promote specific offers.
  • You can even showcase local news and weather.

The main aim of having a digital monitor inside or outside a store is to attract attention. The exciting features of these platforms do just that. Many businesses even use these signage platforms for purely educational and informational purposes. They can cut training cost and make the work of the management much easier.

Can you DIY or do you need pro help?

The most significant pro of digital signage is – you can DIY! Do it yourself might sound like such a cliché, but when it comes to digital displays, it can save you a pretty buck. Forget designers, forget developers! With CMS as simple as WordPress and easy to edit digital signage branding templates, you can easily get exactly what you need.

You do not need the knowledge of HTML, Python or CSS to work a digital signage. You just need a screen, excellent internet connectivity and some help with the media upload process. Any IT team member can help you out with the content management, and once you have all you need in the store, you can fire it up for real-time display. You can also make all the edits you need by entering through the back-end and see them reflect in real-time.

Uplifts your customer experience

The most exciting bit about it is the customer experience. New businesses usually struggle to sketch their customer behavior and buyer psyche. You can easily find out what your customers are thinking and how they are reacting by employing digital signage in your store. Two-way interactive touchscreen displays are usually the best for this.

The science of display is very simple. People love TV. They see a screen they automatically start watching. We love videos and exciting images. In fact, we are obsessed with screens and anything that moves on them. Therefore, when you couple these smart digital displays with fitting sound, you can easily create a riveting experience. When you have some screens around the area, you can always create an immersive experience for your customers.

Easiest to install and maintain

Digital signs make it so much easier to access all kinds of business information. They are as simple as plain ol’ TVs, yet they provide so much more engagement. That too almost at the same cost! Commercial displays do not cost a bomb. In fact, if you have consumer displays (or TVs) in your store, you can easily use them as commercial displays as more electronic stores do.

Even when you are between seasons or changing offers, you won’t have to make changes to the displays. You can use the same screens year after year. It is possibly the only medium that is as engaging and as accommodating. Once you have your displays in place, just refresh your content from time to time, and you are all set to go another hundred miles.

As of 2010, there were 27.9 million businesses and 18,500 firms in the USA. They currently account for over 54% of the sales. Imagine, if each of them employed digital signage campaigns to reach out to their potential customers! Well, although they don’t, luckily you have the opportunity to do so.

Digital signage can boost your sales by at least 10% in one year. As the years go by, the cost of the LED monitors and other hardware is going down. As of 2014, about 75% of all digital signage installations in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland was for SMBs. It is only time for the USA catches up, and this is the best time for you to hop on the digital monitor and display bandwagon.

Author bio: Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.

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