Knowing Where Your Business Stands Is Half The Battle

In the ever-changing world of business, it’s important to rest on a few stable systems to see you through. When running a small business, this is of tremendous import. Not only are you vying for relevance and maybe even dominance in a field you hope to perform well in, but you must figure out how your behavior has succeeded and failed in the past. This will help you replicate or avoid said difficulties.

For this reason, keeping a keen business awareness can help you adapt to changes. Systems should be set up to keep your entire team functioning at the capacity they should be. When your business starts to slip, that is cause for concern, and the onus is on you to improve matters. When your business is doing well, and you have tangible proof of that,  it should be cause for celebration. For these reasons, making sure that you keep a level head regarding your potential growth or decline is worthwhile. So is applying the following advice to your reporting timeline:


You should always know exactly what is pleasing your consumers, and those who hire your services. You should always know how your staff feel in the trenches. You can get a read of both of these even more thoroughly by asking each population how they feel about the other. Put simply, customers (and secret shoppers) can report on how well they were treated, and how their complaint or question was handled in their time interfacing with your firm. Employees can also get a better read on the potential difficulties faced by customers attempting to engage with the brand.

For this reason, solid feedback from the source, and from those interacting with them in kind can be a valuable tool. You will have awareness from several perspectives, and developing a full picture will be a much easier task to handle.

Marketing Ranks

When it comes to marketing, millions is invested each year to place firms at the forefront of the public consciousness. The means of marketing have become more subtle over time, to meet with the growing awareness of the consumer and their better ability to filter out ‘filler marketing.’ Amazing tools such as search engine optimization (SEO) and targeted social media advertising now exist to give a much more direct and engaged form of marketing than previously thought possible.

However, what good is repeatedly investing in this if you’re not sure exactly how well your campaigns are doing? Of course, the proof is somewhat in the pudding depending on how well your sales increase after a heavy promotional push, but it’s difficult to compare actual purchases to those who may have purchased when you don’t have the data. There’s a large difference here, because engaging 5% purchase turnover from those your promotion is exposed to is a much less promising figure than 30%, and it could signify you’re doing something wrong. For this reason, using a refined rank tracker service can help you identify exactly where your business is standing in overall relevance, and quickly enact methods to switch up your marketing strategy in the near future.

In the modern world, where the zeitgeist is moving at a much more accelerated rate thanks to the internet, it’s important to know where the ‘hot button is.’ With this advice, it should be a little easier.


While it’s difficult to compare yourself to other businesses, it’s important to do so anyway. You may not be operating in exactly the same fields or disciplines as a similar firm to you, but making sure you know how well they are doing on the same timeline can help you understand just where the market is headed.

For a niche firm, you need to know exactly how to draw all of the potential customers of the industry to your borders. If growth is something important to you, you should keep an eye on the case studies of firms which surround your professional space. Emulate and innovate what they do well, and eschew what is proven not to work across multiple fields. Over time, you may discover a secret that even the biggest and most stable firms should feel envious about possessing.

Social Media

The quickest way to figure out the zeitgeist is to check social media. Set up RSS feeds, check Twitter hashtags, and read Facebook comments on the videos your firm puts out. It’s important for you to understand how people respond, and what the common perception of you is. People are honest through social media, sometimes brutally honest, about the things they don’t like. However, there is some good constructive feedback to be found here, and sometimes that can shine through these communities and actually inform you of issues that might have eluded you thus far.

With these tips, we hope that your ascent into business dominance is well won. After all, knowing where you stand is half the battle.

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