5 Important Health & Safety Ideas To Implement

In every business, health and safety is something that you always need to take seriously. It doesn’t always feel like something that you should put a lot of thought into, especially if you’re business or industry isn’t overly unsafe. But, it can cost you big time if you don’t. Because any kind of issue with health and safety is always going to be a big issue. Whether you work in an office, factory, or out in the field, you have to take some key health and safety precautions. If you’re new to the business world and just starting out, this is probably going to help you out a job. So let’s take a look at five important ideas that you’re going to want to implement.

A Policy

The very first thing that you’re going to need to implement here is an actual health and safety policy. It’s easy to think that you can just wing it. But should anything go wrong, you’re going to need that policy in place. You may often find that you won’t be able to get insured, or even work with certain companies, without it. If you’re not really sure what to put in your health and safety policy, you can work with specialist H&S companies that can not only put a policy in place for you, but deal with the everyday checks too.

Fire Procedures

You’re also going to need to know the right fire procedures too. Again, regardless of what your actual line of work is, this is something that’s essential. You need to have the right fire safety equipment installed, from extinguishers to hose pipes, and have a clearly defined evacuation plan in place as well. Sometimes, this will be included in your health and safety policy, but it’s important that all members of staff no what to do should there be a fire.

First Aid

Next, you’ve also got first aid to think about. Not only does this mean that you’re going to need to have a first aid kit on the premises, but ideally you should have first aid trained staff too. Depending on how many members of staff you have, you may need one or several first aiders in the building.

Safety Measures

Then, you should also think about the key safety measure you need to put in place, that will be specific to your business operations and the place in which you work. This can be ascertained by carrying out a risk assessment. You may discover that you need ladder safety gates or even lighted pathways. But without conducting that initial risk assessment, you won’t know what’s needed.

Protective Wear

Finally, you also need to work out what protective wear is needed for your business. If you do work in an office, they may not apply. Although you may want to ensure your staff are all wearing suitable and safe clothing. However, with field or manual work, you have to ensure that your employees have suitable shoes and clothing, as well as any protective accessories, to get their jobs done safely and healthily.

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  1. Safety First, that is always our moto. I really like the topics you touched on.

    I make sure all my employees are well versed in their safety equipment. Also aware of the location of the first-aid equipment and comfortable using it, just in case.

    Great post

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