How Simple Web Design Helps Your Small Business

There is a great battle going on in the digital world between those who are pro custom-designed websites and those who argue against them. Some say that a small business can do with a simple template design. This is true to an extent but a small business needs all the help it can get and a template design can lead them into losing competitive advantage. I will present some of my arguments for investing in a custom design and you can let me know whether you agree.

Custom is unique

You need your website to stand out in a crowd of thousands, potentially millions of websites for the business in a similar niche. As an average Internet user is not usually very patient, they will only take a couple of seconds before deciding whether they will stay or navigate away from your page. The first task of a custom design is to catch their eye. Your website is unlike anything they have seen before and hopefully, it is good enough for them to decide to stay. To help with this, I would recommend getting a professionally done logo, perhaps something smart and witty to be memorable.

Engaging illustrations

Another very interesting and engaging touch is creating illustrations. You can use them to summarize the content of each page on your website in a fun way. This is yet another tool you can use to keep your potential customers interested and entertained as people tend to like that. Again, this is something that a template would not be able to offer.

Compatible, optimized and responsive

You need your website designed and coded in such way so as to be highly responsive. Your average impatient potential customer will not wait for your content to load for more than 10 seconds. You need your website not to fail here, though you cannot influence the speed of their connection. Furthermore, a great number of people will be accessing your website from devices other than their home computer. You need your design to be mobile friendly and if possible mobile optimized for even greater comfort of your mobile viewers.


Everyone has heard of the color psychology. Bapple Website design employees claim that an experienced web designer possesses a knowledge of at least the basics of the psychology and they have practical skills to implement it. Again, you need something which will catch an average viewer’s eye and set them in the right mood to be open for your content and consider your goods or services.


The reason we keep our houses organized and each thing has its place is to make them easier to find. The exact same rule is to be applied on a website, everything needs to be organized. Your website visitors should have a breeze locating the content they are after. This is why the design should offer clear navigation, you want to be only one click away from the desired item and not ten different clicks. Simple navigation is a key to a good conversation rate. Do not waste your opportunity once you have managed to keep your visitors on the page long enough. Once your potential customer reaches the page with your product or your service range, it also needs to be clear and very informative. Try to offer them answers to their questions in a brief description and get them excited about the product. They do not need to know that your vacuum cleaner is big, yellow and pretty, they need to know why it is better than anything else out there.

Make strategic calls to action

Call-to-action buttons are a useful tool but not one to be used likely. Basically, what it does is that it transfers visitors strait where you want them to be. Do not overpopulate your landing page or any other page with them. You can have an initial one and perhaps another one as a reminder if in case a visitor scrolls past the first one too quickly. Apart from the initial offer, you can give a short explanation to relieve their doubts. For example; ‘Subscribe and get free samples – get them delivered to your home address for free – Yes, please! No, thank you.’ People will care to know that there are no additional costs involved and that it is not a scam.

Think of SEO

Website templates have limited SEO preferences. Your web design studio can develop the page in such way so as to be well ranked with Google. Also, the layout and the type of the content can work to your advantage and position you higher.

Regardless of the difference in price, a custom web design is an investment your small business should definitely make. It will help you pose a significant threat to your competitors and offer a unique shopping experience to your customers.

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