Employee Motivation Rests On These 3 Solid Attitudes

Employee motivation is not an art. It is a science. Even though you are adapting to the wants and needs of a group of (likely wildly different) individuals, that doesn’t mean there’s anything esoteric in fostering employee motivation. Inspiring the team from the get-go requires you keep a few handy attitudes to mind, and implement them in your workplace policy and culture.

As with anything that is a science, the methods can be explained in categories, and so we’d like to explore the three main attitudes which will help your employees feel more inspired than ever. Implementing these should hopefully allow your workplace atmosphere to thrive, as everyone will be on the same page and happy in their job role.

Contingencies For Failure

Employees try their best, and they try their best often. As long as all departments are functioning as they should, you can be confident of the value of your employees. However, this attitude only creates a ‘never fail’ mindset, so when issues do occur it can be difficult to feel responsive to the issue. Employees want to know there are contingencies in place to help them assess the issue they are facing if they’re having trouble in their work. This will help them feel supported and always close to a solution. Use a service such as quality-one.com for help making your root cause analysis perfectly calibrated in this way. There’s nothing like being trusted in your job role, and if you are that can make a genuine daily effort seem like child’s play on their behalf because an employee will enjoy the corporate climate they are contributing to.


Yes, discipline must be metered out to employees who fail to grasp the gravity of their job role and perform it with honesty. However, 99% of employees aren’t malicious or uncaring in this way, as anyone with a job is likely to want to defend it. For this reason, instead of criticizing, complaining or condemning, always be open to dialogue, and take on any comments the employees have for you. This isn’t to say you should be undisciplined or flabby in your authority, but always trying to communicate first is likely to yield better, well thought out alternatives. When you do have to condemn or criticize as a last resort, the fact that you never do this will be given the gravity it deserves. Employees who can see you’re making a conscious effort to be open with them will be happier in their role, and more happy working for you, no matter your position of authority.

An Employee’s Workplace Is His Castle

It’s likely that you’ve noticed as an employee yourself that the time you spend at work rivals the time you spend at home with your family. For that reason, making the working environment as enjoyable as possible will allow employees to truly relax and be themselves when they’re arriving to work in the morning. This isn’t something to be ignored. Many people feel as though they have to ‘defend themselves’ at work, even if the workplace atmosphere isn’t toxic. That’s because heading to work and putting forth effort all day is a relatively artificial environment. Do your best to make the decor of the office homely, keep it well ventilated, offer some form of refreshments and also make sure that the internal atmosphere is friendly and jovial, and the employee will begin to regard their work as a home from home. This is advisable, as when they feel themselves, they can bring the best of themselves to your firm.

With these tips, you can be sure to experience a wonderful surge in employee happiness and productivity.

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