Alternative Credit Avenues For When Your Business Needs Cash

When you’re trying to get some business finance in place, you may be at a loss. Starting up your own business can be scary enough, but when you also need to acquire money, it can make you feel even more on edge. But there’s no reason why business funding should scare you. Even if you’re unable to find investors for your business, you do have options to get your business off the ground. It’s not going to be easy, but then anything worth having never is. So, you need to put the work in and uncover a few new business funding options, like some of these listed below.

Personal Investment

The first option that you always have is the option to invest personally in your business. Bootstrapping with your own money, or even start with a very minimal budget can be a great way to get your business started. You don’t always need a huge influx of cash for things to take off as you want them too. Instead, you can start off with a small amount of funding that you’ve put in yourself, or even nothing at all. However, your option of using this idea is going to depend on your business idea and what you’re trying to achieve.


This funding option could be worth considering, depending on what it is that you need the finance for. If you need money to be able to buy equipment, then you could consider leasing. This is often a great idea for business vehicles too. To find out if this could work for you, you should speak to your suppliers about their leasing deals, or you could even consider some independent business leasing companies that could finance the purchase for you.

Independent Credit

Next, you could also think about alternative credit options. When you don’t want to take on investors, the other option you have is to get a loan. However, if you can’t get bank credit, you may be put off. But there are independent options to consider, such as, that would mean that you don’t to ask the bank at all. And if your credit isn’t too great, you could still be considered too.

Debt Financing

Alongside the traditional route, approaching investors and even getting independent credit, you could also look to the government for funding too. With the SBA 7(a) loans debt financing option, deals of which can be found here, you may be able to find the right solution for your businesses current situation.

Tax Increment Financing

Lastly, you might also like to consider tax increment financing as your funding option too. This kind of financing is focused on real estate development, but only in certain targeted areas. For this, you could get 20 or 30 per cent subsidies of the cost of the project. Although your community may not offer this kind of financing, you can look into alternative communities to see if it could be an alternative funding option for you.

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