The Biggest Mistakes That You Can Make On Social Media

How safe do you think your business is? Do you lock the doors and windows over night? Set the alarm? Pay a security guard? Do you pay attention to the news? Do you try your best to ensure that you’re up to date with cyber-crime? Do you run anti-virus and anti-malware software? How safe do you think you are from yourself?

Yes, yourself! Believe it or not, but you can be one of the biggest threats to your business. You might not want to be that, but you will be if you aren’t paying attention to what you are doing and the repercussions of your actions. You can make some big mistakes with your business – especially through the use of social media. Social media is a big tool for businesses worldwide, but using it poorly can damage your business like a left hook from Tyson – you’re just not getting up from it.

What are these mistakes? The first one is being lazy. Content management suites ensure you can be lazy by scheduling and auto posting content. This means an RSS feed will shoot out your web posts without curation. This is super cool, but it isn’t effective. Do you want to talk to people, or scream your content at them? If you’re going to cut corners, you aren’t speaking to people, and you aren’t understanding the use of social media. Don’t republish over and over – sit down and think about the message you want to present. For instance, you don’t want to simply share clips to Facebook – you want to upload them via Facebook so you can find a higher audience. Laziness? It leads to stealing – don’t copy, be creative. There’s no downside to being creative, but being caught copying will end you. Don’t get sued and keep your head above water.

Success is a huge mistake you can make if you aren’t prepared. The ‘hug of death’ has lead to sites closing down for days due to mass visits based on blog posts and link shares. Pay attention to your activity and demand more space from your web host if you need it. Otherwise you will lose out. If your host isn’t up to scratch Hosting Foundry can help out. Check out their website hosting reviews to make your mind up on a good web host. Being prepared helps. If you have no plan, you’ll get caught out and that can be miserable.

Don’t run your business accounts like your personal ones either. Stay away from the politics and certainly don’t pander to kids – you’ll be mocked for it in a ‘hello fellow kids’ manner. If you aren’t 16, don’t pretend to be 16 unless you can find a voice suitable. Politics is another thing entirely. Just don’t get involved unless you want to strangle your business to death. A bad reaction to your posts can lead to viral humiliation.

These are all huge mistakes you can make, but there are plenty more. Stay wide of them and run social well – so that you can run your business well.

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