Social Networking: How To Use It In Your Business

From recruitment to a service based business model, you will certainly need to know how to implement social media to help you reach your goals, and be aware of the difference between social media and social networking. Knowing how to effectively use social media is a great skill to have no matter what field of business you are in or whether you are a start-up or a well-established business.

Develop A Social Networking Strategy

Once you have opened your social media accounts, be aware of what each platform can offer you. Different social media platforms will appeal to different demographics. Figure out who your target audience is and which platform is best to engage with them. Knowing your demographic and what tools you can use to effectively market to this group should be a key part of your social networking strategy. Be aware of the various social media sites that you can use and who you can target with them. For example, the most basic social media sites come in three different categories: ‘Free for all’ sites such as Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat, ‘professional sites’ such as LinkedIn and Friendster, and ‘industry-specific’ sites such as ResearchGate or i-Meet. Make sure the way you present your brand on these is tailored to each platform. For example, you can be more informal on Instagram or Snapchat, but will probably need to be more formal and professional on professional and industry specific sites.

Social Recruiting

An effective recruiting strategy includes, and indeed, often relies on social networking. People are your best asset in any industry. Recruiters know the importance of making use of the tools available to them. LinkedIn is the best social media platform for businesses who are looking for new employees as well as being great free advertisement. Figure out what the needs of your business are, who you are using the site for, and whose attention you are trying to get. Once you have figured these three questions, you can search for talented individuals who might be a good fit for your company or indeed make your company more visible to potential investors or collaborators. SEO tools can help with this. The main way in which SEO tools can help your business is by increasing your visibility, however, it is not just limited to this. Take a look at some of the top SEO tools for your business and see how they can help you achieve your goals. SEO tools can be used in social, but can also be used in almost every aspect of your social networking strategy.


There are many ways that a new or well-established business might use social networking to optimize their profits. One of the most popular ways is to draw in consumers from your social media pages to your website. Linking your various platforms to your website can help drive traffic from these and encourage growth and build sales. Consider monetizing your social media pages by using advertising (which most platforms offer) and use it as a source of income in itself. Collaborate with other similar brands or pages as well and channel the power of several pages and the traffic that can bring to your business.

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