SHH! These Are The Secrets To Employee Happiness

Did you know that industries lose $300 billion a year because of employee absenteeism? And, this is not the only reason workers are important to companies. With their help, a business can increase output by 20% and make the firm more efficient. Quite simply, a business cannot function if it doesn’t have quality people in the right positions. It is for this reason that employers have to consider keeping the staff as happy as possible. Otherwise, they could leave, and most people don’t need an excuse as an average person changes jobs ten times.

However, understanding the benefits of raising employee happiness is only the beginning. If you want to reap the rewards, it is essential to put measures in place which will get results. For those of you who don’t know where to start, the following are tips that will help.

Recognize Progress

As the boss, it is easy to get lost in the whirlwind that is running the company. As a result, a person’s progression can go unnoticed. Although you don’t do it on purpose, it is a big mistake to make because praise is an opportunity to increase morale. By patting them on the shoulder and saying “well done,” two things happen. Firstly, they start to notice that their hard work is appreciated and the higher-ups are taking notice. Secondly, they get validation for their hard work, which uplifts their mood. Both of these effects are excellent for happiness levels as well as productivity. A worker with high serotonin levels and a balanced view of the company is bound to give more to progress further.

Make Them Feel Wanted

Sometimes, it isn’t about validation or praise. Yes, they are important for lots of employees, but the majority of people want to belong. There is no lonelier feeling than being the outcast in the group. Of course, this impacts their performance as they develop a “work for the sake of it attitude.” Simply put, they only come into the office for the money and get by on the bare minimum. If any employees in your business feel this way, it has to change for the sake of the company’s output. You can do your bit by remembering people’s names and initiating exchanges in the workplace. It is amazing how effective a simple “hello X, how are things?” is. Also, try and prevent cliques with team building exercises. From a weekend in the woods to a night on the town, you need to find a way to integrate everyone.

Invest In Technology

The simplest way to an employee’s heart is through their computer. Why? It’s because workers are like animals: they take the path of least resistance. At least, they would if they could, but a lack of tech in the workplace stops this from happening. With the right software, you can make their job much easier, and they will thank you for it. For instance, some companies have security guards who check credentials for safety. The issue is the time it takes for this to happen. With an ID service, there is no reason to wait and waste time. Identity verification services are used by businesses for this purpose as well as security. Also, tech smooths out processes and make them less frustrating. A new software program can process info quicker than old and archaic tech.

Make Things Fun

There is a time and a place to have a good time, and it is in the office. To begin with, there is nothing worse than going into a drab building with miserable people who can’t have a joke. Employees who have to go through this are more likely to quit or coast by counting the hours than work hard. Plus, there are lots of opportunities to show your lighter, human side. A birthday is a perfect example because there is one every other week. By letting the staff celebrate with food and music, it will take the edge off their workload. Not only will they come back refreshed and happier, but they will be pleased that they don’t work for a tyrant.

Understand Working Hard And Working Smart

In the past, businesses have focused on working as hard as possible to get results. Studies show the best companies work smarter than anyone else. Sweden, for example, has introduced a new 6 hour day for productivity purposes. If you understand that breaks and shorter hours are beneficial, everyone will be happy.

Just keep the above to yourself. You wouldn’t want your rivals finding out and using it to their advantage.

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