Rocking Digital Marketing Like A Boss

Digital marketing, it’s something that we are all meant to know about and be experts at; in this our online world. But do we actually know exactly what digital marketing is about, and how it can help us get better results in our business ventures? If your answer is no, or you are even a little unsure, then the following digital marketing primer is for you.

Social media

Let’s start with something that we are all probably familiar with, as we have our own pages – social media. Social media is all about sharing, connecting, and customer engagement.

However, the problem is that different forms of content work best on different platforms. LinkedIn is much more serious, and business focused, while Facebook is more informal. Twitter is all about short, punchy messages and getting the viewer to click through to more elaborate content, while Instagram is the king of the image. That means you need to decide which platforms service your target market best, and what sort of marketing content will get their attention, before going hashed with a social media aspect of a campaign.


Of course, another aspect of digital marketing that you will be using is your website. That means it needs to be designed intelligently and specifically for your business and for the clients that will be using it. Here, if you can afford it is always better to have a custom website built than to use a cheap template. As not only does it demonstrate a more professional approach, but it also provides better usability. Something that will help you capture and retain more customers in the long run.

However, a word of warning here. Always pick a website designer that has experience specialist to the industry you are working in. So if you are in law, getting a company that can produce high-quality custom law firm web designs that work is the right choice. While if you are in corporate business, look for a company that already has experience dealing with the needs of large and often very visual companies like yours. This is because each field will need something slightly different for their website design to be effective. They will also need to be as up to date with the latest developments in web design for your area to create the most effective web design for your marketing campaign.


Digital advertising is also another essential part of a successful digital marketing program. The main channels of advertising include sponsored posts and tweets across social media, promoted search results in search engines, and product placement via blogs and websites. These are usually good value as they can help you increase your audience while not costing the earth. In fact, regarding product placement across blogs, it can cost your company as little as a free sample of your product.

It used to be that website banners were a popular way of advertising online as well. However, since many people and site run popup and banner blockers the value of this type of investment has decreased, and it isn’t usually effective enough to be included as a large part of any digital marketing campaign.


Lastly, it’s vital that we also mention SEO in this primer. SEO or search engine optimization is all about where your business lands in the natural search results. Of course, any business or organization worth its salt wants to be on the first page. Although the second page is also sometimes acceptable.

Why? Well, it’s because us humans are simple creatures and rather than wading through thousands of suggestion it’s much easier to click on the ones that are first brought up when we search for the key words. Meaning that the businesses on the first page and much more likely to get click through to their websites.

This begs the question, how do you get your company on the first page? Well, apart from the sponsored search, as mentioned above it’s all about familiarizing yourself with how the search engines place sites when a query is instigated. In a very simplified form, bots are sent off to comb the pages on the internet to look for mentions of keywords and related items, and the one with the most; appear first.

That means to get up the search ranks you need to have lots of pages with real, informative content including the keywords. As well as pages that are back-links to you from other people’s sites also concerning these keywords. As this makes it easier for the bots to pick up your presence. So helping you rock your digital marketing strategy like a boss!

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