Redesigning Your Packaging Should Be Far More Than Just A Cost Saving Exercise

When you’ve got a great product, the last thing you want is for the packaging to let it down. In fact, many consumers believe the packaging reveals a lot about the quality of the product inside. Customers also like packaging to be informative about the specs and the correct use of the product. On top of all that, you need to make sure that packaging is as effective at selling as every other marketing campaign you run.

As a startup, packaging might have been produced with economy in mind. And with short orders, chances are you had to pay a lot more per unit. Now your business is starting to grow, and you’re getting good product reviews, but not a lot of great things are being said about the packaging. It’s time to redesign.


Yes, all packaging should be functional. It should protect the product from transport and display mishaps. Packaging should also show the product. You might spend a bit extra on full-color printing here. Alternatively, try a blister pack design that allows the actual product to be seen. Some retailers prefer this approach as they have more versatility with displaying your goods.

Environmentally Conscious

Reducing the amount of waste in packaging is a priority for many businesses. Consumers don’t like having to throw non-recyclable materials away. Splitting up packaging into different types of materials for recycling is a hassle too. Keep it simple. Try to use materials that have already been recycled and can be used in this way again. Pledge to donate to environmentally beneficial charitable programs if you can’t do more.

Cost Effective

Ultimately you need your packaging to be cost effective. You are likely to incur design costs, production costs, and wrapping costs to package your products. The bottom line cost per unit price needs to be practical and in keeping with the type of product you produce and the market you’re targeting. Don’t forget, consumers have expectations, based on your other marketing campaigns. Expensive, innovative packaging should mean the product inside is high quality and innovative. If you’re selling budget lines, then you need to make sure the packaging fits with that approach.


All packaging should catch the eye of your target customers. The use of color is ideal here, especially if your product sells in retail outlets. If you’re selling to healthcare providers, you should stick with one color. Waste in this industry is frowned upon. Providing any more than the basics makes the product appear potentially wasteful and overpriced. Don’t be afraid to ask your customers what they think. A focus group could be good here.

A full redesign of your packaging could take several months, and is why you should work with a reputable packaging company that will meet your needs. This kind of project should always start with research. It’s important you clearly define what your customers need and want from the packaging of your products. This isn’t just the end user. Consider the retailers too. What would help you to ensure they allocate your product the shelf space you’re hoping for? Don’t be shy about asking. After all, you’re all keen to sell more units.

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