Outperforming Big Businesses At Your Next Trade Show

As a small business, you know the relationship between you and your bigger competitors. It is a David and Goliath story truer than the bible itself and a battle that takes place on so many battlegrounds, from attracting top talent to being involved in a price war.

But another area of huge contention is trade shows. To put it simply, they have the resources to stand out. They have the money to be able to put up huge booths and employ massive speakers and just about every other pea-cocking strategy money can buy. This tends to be soul-crushing for you for the simple fact trade shows provide a great marketing opportunity; one far superior to other marketing approaches.

But before you let your head hang low and let the feelings of doom and gloom rise up inside you, we have some great news. Success at a trade show is not about money; it is about effort and creativity, and that is exactly what we are about to help you with.

Read on for our top tips to help you overtake the bigger boys at your next trade show:

First Impressions Are Super Important

It takes around a fifth of a second for a potential customer to make an opinion on your business, an opinion that will lay the foundations of your long relationship. That is why you need to place an extra amount of emphasis on this part of your trade show strategy, something this company can help you with no end. Inflatable domes, branded marquees, advertising walls and table covers; these all influence first impressions because they do exactly what your booth needs to do: stand out from the crowd.

People Connect To Experiences Over Interactivity

Nothing will stick in a potential customer’s mind quite as much as an experience; one that really hammers a point home and has them thinking. What’s great about this approach is the fact it costs energy – not money – allowing you to level the playing field a bit. Take Charity Water, for example, who create sustainable water supplies in remote places. They gave their attendees an experience they will never forget by inviting them to carry two 45 lb Jerry cans of water down a fifty-meter platform. Now if that doesn’t encourage empathy we don’t know what will.

Dress Your Employees As Attendees

If there is one thing people trust more than anything it is social proof. It’s just how our minds work. Say you are at a music festival and you are desperate for a Hog Roast. You see one vendor that has a person being served and another vendor that has a queue; nine out of ten times you are going to join that queue. That kind of ‘monkey see, monkey do’ buzz is something you can create with your employees. Have those salespeople that are working the floor in uniform, and then have your other staff dress as attendees and surround your booth. Anyone walking past will be drawn to you for the simple fact others are. Just make sure you have enough staff to engage with potential clients.

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