It’s Right There! The Obvious Marketing Tactics You’re Overlooking

Advertising in its many forms can be considered quite a behemoth. It’s a very difficult thing to get right especially when you’re a small business, and you’re still trying to find who your key demographic is. And if you are a company that has started up quite recently, and trying to take baby steps in the right direction it can be a frustrating process to get the marketing just right. But with every large business that has been through this process, they will always tell you about the importance of the most obvious marketing tactics that you may be overlooking, not just the clever, subtle ones. There’s a lot to be said for market research and working with advertising agencies to hammer out the finer points of PPC, CTA, or CRM, but you don’t need to know these terms when addressing the most obvious marketing tactics which will make your business stand out just as well.

The Importance Of A Great Visual

Every business tries to draw attention by placing a bland and generic image on its web page, which is something many startups are guilty of because of limited finances (which is fair enough), but there are simple ways to double your internet traffic. You can use things like info-graphics, or charts and graphs, as well as visual content on platforms like YouTube or Instagram. And it’s imperative to never underestimate the impact of the old classic billboards! If you have a look at,, you can see the impact of a great, glittering, and gaudy billboard. If you can get access to a prime location, with many billboards such as the Las Vegas strip, the power of subliminal advertising is at its peak, and with a lot of foot traffic going past these types of billboards there will be a certain percentage that is drawn in by your marketing efforts.

The Power Of Content

It may be an obvious thing to say, but content needs to go viral, and you should create content that is able to be timeless, includes useful images, and appeals to the emotions of the reader which compels them to share the information with others on social media. With such a huge amount of online content being uploaded on a daily basis, it is much tougher for businesses to stand out, let alone to get people to click on that content. This is why the importance of creating engaging content is still one of the fundamental tenets of getting a website as high up the search engine rankings as possible, and there are plenty of tools you can use, such as which can help you to create a warmer tone of voice for your content. You can learn as many fancy marketing techniques as possible, but if you’re not writing in a tone of voice that is engaging and merely serves the purpose to drop a bunch of links into an article then it’s not going to increase web traffic, and it’s not going to help your business in the slightest.

At the end of the day, all advertising boils down to words and images. And while you can learn about the importance of signs and signifiers when it comes to promoting content or products, you need to show what it can do to appeal to people in their everyday lives. After all, the goal of promoting a product is to make it an indispensable part of the consumer’s life, and this is done by, very simply, having engaging content that stands out.

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