Golden Rules Of Workplace Safety

Insurance is a big deal for businesses both big and small. Having the right insurance is a requirement for sound financial and personal planning as insurance covers you for any number of workplace issues. Staying healthy and staying safe at work is important, and it’s high on the list of important things for your staff. People should be able to head to work every morning feeling secure in their health and knowing that they likely won’t run into an accident. Minimizing threats and lawsuits at work is important, and part of that is adhering to health and safety laws.

The trouble is, as time moves on people generally forget the health and safety training they receive when they first start at their job. This isn’t due to ignorance, it’s just that preoccupation with work is a thing and is one that people don’t tend to think much about. This is where a business needs to be vigilant. It doesn’t matter what role you work in, understanding the golden rules of health and safety in the workplace is essential. We’ve put some of these together for you so you can ensure you are being as safety conscious as possible:

  • Training. Regardless of the type of job you are in, whether in a role that deals with medical waste disposal or a role that sees you operating heavy machinery, regular training is an absolute must to keep as conscious of safety as possible in a working environment. There are some companies that do not offer updated training, and if you are a part of one of these you need to speak to your employer and ask for extra help and refresher training.
  • Stress. Stress is a big reason for accidents at work. The stress could come from the job or the outside environment in your life, but either way you should do everything you can to reduce workplace stress. It’s a huge contributing factor to mistakes made in an area you should not make mistakes, and so if you are working to reduce what is stressing you out you are making your workplace safer around you.
  • Risk Assessment. When hiring in new staff, you should be providing ergonomic furniture and a proper risk assessment of their work-space. If they are at risk in anyway then ensuring that you make the correct changes for a safe work area will cover your back insurance-wise.
  • Offer Breaks. As a business owner, you need to have staff that are working to the best of their ability. By offering regular breaks throughout the day, you can ensure that they are feeling refreshed and awake enough to perform their duties. You need a workforce that is lively and animated, not one that is sluggish and tired.
  • Checks. By performing regular checks with your staff, you can ensure that they are happy and secure in their work environment. You are legally obliged to provide a safe and stable work space and so should be vigilant about checking on each member of staff.

Taking the time to ensure your staff are happy reduces lawsuits and keeps people happy!

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