Are We Relying On Technology Too Much?

It’s certainly a very valid question at this moment in time, and you may be thinking about the impact of technology on your company as a whole. It’s very important that we keep abreast of every single change on the technological front, especially as this will be how we communicate ourselves and get that extra slice of the pie when it comes to things like demographics and marketing. But is there a point where you are relying too much on technology to do your work for you? With a lot of focus on streamlining processes and reducing wastage of money by using systems like CRM, which may make perfect business sense, but is there a point where you are losing sight of what your company is because of an over reliance on technology?

The Danger Of Automation

If you look at your communication processes with clients customers and everybody else, are you using a lot of out of office email responses? If so, you might be missing out on the best way to connect with customers, on a one to one basis. A lot of people prefer to speak to someone i.e. a human to solve specific problems and even those people that are contacting a company via IM, it can still take a long time to solve the problem because a lot of people simply can’t type that fast! If you are spending a lot more time on automation rather than speaking to customers, it’s time to reset the balance.

Does Technology Form The Basis Of Your Work?

The answer is likely to be a resounding yes, so what would happen if there was a massive power cut? Are people going to be left twiddling their thumbs because they’re not able to do anything? People should know what other options are available for them such as contacting leads, or using the old fashioned pen and paper! If technical issues are a common problem, you need to make sure you have the right support in place. And while there are plenty of IT support companies like that provide comprehensive IT packages that help your business to operate more efficiently with the right processes and so forth, it’s still nice to know you can do certain things without concern if your systems are going to go down on a regular basis. But this does reiterate the fact that you need to put better preventative measures in place.

Is Buying Tech Your Constant Solution?

The thing about buying tech as the answer to every single problem isn’t providing a solution, but it’s also incredibly costly especially when it comes to productivity and time because of the effort needed to school your staff members in the processes of the new system. It can be an easy temptation to buy the latest product as a quick fix solution, but this is seldom the case. When it comes to solving your problems, you are better off to address key issues like productivity, turnover, and staff which is a more organic process. You can get some suitable hints on on tech solutions to productivity and things that work on the internal functions of the team rather than the technological aesthetics.

If you suffer from one of these three issues, it’s very likely that you are placing a big reliance on technology on doing your work for you. It’s important to remember that technology is a fantastic thing and should be used in conjunction with dynamic processes rather than a replacement for them.

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