5 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Brand Identity

A business without a brand is just like a uncooked meal: All the ideas are there, but there’s still something essential missing, aka it’s not quite ready for public consumption yet. As a small business, you have the difficult task to create and maintain your branding image and perception to reach the market. With limited funding and resources, it can be more difficult more for than for someone like Coca-Cola or Apple to establish their brand. Thankfully, difficult doesn’t mean impossible. Here’s the way to do it.

You’re only as good as your copy

The importance of SEO and content strategy, it can be easy to forget that what you say is not only a ranking factor, but it is also an indication of how people will consider your business. Planning a great piece of content for SEO purposes is terrific, but sometimes you need to ask yourself the following question: Is attracting new customers worth losing existing ones? This can be the case is you tend to target new keywords that do not match your usual audience group. Additionally, the risk of publishing more and more content is that you might have less time to produce and check it properly. Poorly content never makes a good impression.

Your visual needs to tell the story

Advertising is one of the most common forms of marketing. As a small business, you might not often have the opportunity to create a visual campaign for the street viewers, but you know that billboards are a brand’s best friends. Well, in truth, they work when they’re promoting the right message in the right way. Choosing the wrong imagery for your public can damage your brand deeply. That time when Coca Cola decided to create a Russian billboard and accidentally used an image from the USSR period did not go very well, for example.  

Your logo is your market identity

Your logo, along with your choice of font and colors, is a recognizable symbol that you share with the market. In business terms, this is what experts refer to as your trademark, and that’s exactly what the Trademark Consultants advise their clients on. Why so? Because you need not only to promote your logo, but you also need to ensure that it will make your company stand out. Creating a logo that just looks too similar to another one, or that doesn’t represent the values of your company is a waste of time and money.

A positive reputation matters

When people first hear about a new business, their immediate reaction to decide whether to trust that business or not is to look for reviews. Why so? Because reviews are an indication of your reputation as a company. Positive reviews send a positive brand image. Consequently, it’s essential that you identify from the beginning what your customers value the most and focus on it.

Your team is your best asset

There is no way around it: Your employees are the best brand promotion you’ll get. The way they interact with customers is important because, without great customer service, your offering loses its value. But that’s not all. Your employees are your first advocates. There can be no great customer service is your staff are not happy in their job.

In conclusion, a positive brand identity doesn’t have to break the bank. It’s about caring for your customers, your audience, and your team as best as you can.

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