5 Mobile SEO Tips You Should Follow In 2017

The last couple of years have brought along a great increase in the popularity of mobile marketing, which currently represents one of the most popular, yet newest forms of marketing available at this time.

For those who do not know, it is capable of better targeting customers, providing them with personalized information, promoting products, services ideas, and goods, while also influencing purchase decisions. The technique works by getting in touch with potential customers via the platform they use the most: mobile devices.

Thanks to a report published by the folks behind Website Builder, it has been determined that some of the main benefits associated with this form of marketing include, but are not limited to: being able to contact users via push notifications, SMS, QR codes, MMS, in-game advertising, automated calls, voice email, Bluetooth and more.

A successful mobile marketing campaign isn’t easy to achieve, though. This represents the main reason why certain mobile SEO tips need to be followed, to ensure success. In this quick article, we will briefly outline 5 of the best mobile SEO tips that need to be followed in the year of 2017, for successful mobile marketing campaigns.

Planning your site from the start with mobile optimization in mind

Until now, most people would plan desktop optimization first, followed by mobile. It’s time to switch teams and start with the latter.

Ease-of-use and responsive web design are key!

Users need to find it easy to navigate through your site, before considering a purchase. Make sure that responsive web design and ease of use are both offered.

Minimalistic mobile landing pages

Mobile landing pages need to differ from desktop-based ones, and offer a more minimalistic approach, while not excluding essential data.

Check analytics as often as possible.

Recently implemented a change? Check analytics to see how it’s impacting your website.

Consider location-based targeting

In case your company is local, then work out better ways to target potential customers.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, by following these easy 5 tips, you’ll stay ahead of the mobile marketing game with awesome SEO in 2017 as well!


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