Why You’re Missing Easy Leads

If your business relies on selling a product directly to the customer or getting more clients signed on your services, then leads are some of the most important resources to your survival and success. You probably spend a lot of time setting up meetings, calling people, or even buying leads. But there could be plenty of particularly easy wins that you’re missing. When it comes leads, working smarter to find them often yields better results than working harder.

You’re not getting your name out there

Branding is an essential tool in building leads. Not just by paying for advertising, you need to consider the visibility and legitimacy of your name, as well. Beyond looking for potential clients and customers, you have to consider the leads that are actually looking for you. Search engine optimization, hosting and going to network events and trade shows, content creation, and being more engaged in your community are all going to make it a lot more likely that they find you. When it comes to growing leads, inbound marketing can be a lot more effective in the long-term than outbound marketing. After all, people are more likely to trust or at least check out the name they’ve heard of or the first site that pops up after their search query.

You’re out of touch

There are also leads who have found you and try to get in touch. However, plenty of business owners are too busy or distracted to pick up on these attempts to contact, or you might just not be making your contact methods convenient enough. You might not always be there to answer the phone, but leads aren’t always going to leave messages asking you to get back. With a live answering service, you make sure you get a professional handling the call and, more importantly, you never miss a call again. The easier you make it to contact you through your site, the more successfully you’re going to receive queries through it. Fill out a contact page with several different ways of getting in touch, not just a clunky contact form. Consider even using a website chat app that allows customers to get directly in touch while they’re browsing.

You’re not asking for referrals

You don’t necessarily have to unearth new clients from completely fresh ground, either. If you have existing clients and customers happy with the results you provide, then asking them for referrals can be an easy way to tap into a much wider market. Many fans of yours will be happy to offer referrals if they’re simply asked. But you can also incentivize them. You can offer them discounts on future products or services for every new person they sign up to your business, for instance. Word-of-mouth is more effective than any kind of marketing, and spurring it through referrals can be the best choice you’ve ever made.

Be more communicative, grow the brand, make sure that a potential lead never “misses” you, and tap into your existing network. The simple changes to how you find potential clients and customers is going to help you unearth a lot of potential profit that has always been there, just under your nose.

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