Turn Your Office Into A Stress-Free Environment

Having a successful business is one thing, but keeping it that way in the long run is a different story altogether. Today, companies are fully aware how difficult it is to land a good job, and they pressure their workers by stating a simple fact: That everyone is replaceable.

But is this a good way to keep your workers motivated and productive? The fact is, a company is defined by the people that work in it, and they are its most valuable resource. That’s why it’s imperative to create an environment where they can strive and actually feel like part of the team. Here are a few tips on how to achieve this.

Flexible Work Hours

Giving your workers a choice to show up on work one or two hours later and then leave later too will do wonders for both you and them. Strict hours make most workers feel like they are forced into something, which in turn creates stress. Granting them flexibility will elevate a lot of that feeling. Some people are also more productive with that extra hour of sleep, but the main thing here is that they’ll feel like they have a choice, that they are in control.  You can even consider setting up flexible work hours as a reward system, for your long-standing employees.

Relaxation Zone

Having a place where your employees can relax, refresh or talk for a while will directly affect their productivity and morale. The longer your employees work in succession, the less productive they’ll be. It’s important to motivate them to take a short break every 90 minutes or so because it will not only boost their productivity but also the quality of work that they do.  Remember, it’s not about the hours that your workers put in, but the actual quantity and quality of the work. Relaxation zone helps with these issues, as it will probably be the go-to place for most of your employees.

Physical Activity

Your employees don’t have to be athletes to fit exercise into their daily routines, and you should motivate them to do so.  Any form of physical activity, from Pilates to Indoor climbing, can act as a stress reliever. There’s a cool local gym near your office? Great, make a deal with them and get access for your workers there. No gym, no problem. There are lots of no-gym exercises that can be very effective. Also consider having exercise as a team-building activity from time to time, like hiking. And you shouldn’t shy out of it either, because it’s a great way to connect with your employees. Exercise clears the mind, making you forget about the daily problems. Also, a tired body means improved sleep, which again helps lower stress levels.

Keep Your Workplace Tidy and Organized

There’s nothing like a chaotic office to stimulate the chaos of the mind. A successful business requires a lot of space for all sorts of stuff, but not all of it has to be clumped up in the office. You can always get one of those affordable storage units and store whatever you don’t need on daily basis there.  You can store the documentation, extra desks, or even Christmas decorations which you won’t need for another nine months. This way you’ll keep your employees distraction free, letting them concentrate on important things at hand.

Human Resources

The importance of human resources is often overlooked because their effect can’t be directly measured. But having a capable HR manager is invaluable for a simple reason that it’s their job to keep your office conflict-free. Instruct your HR manager to focus on what your employees want, and to listen to their requests. Whether they feel that their work is overlooked, or they feel mistreated by other colleagues, it’s important that they have someone they can talk to. Not to even mention that a good HR manager will organize events and team-building activities in such a way to help everyone forget about their work for a while.

Keep It Stress-Free

In the end, while fighting stress isn’t completely under your control, you should always try to defuse the situation before it escalates. Having a stress-free environment is a good start, but not a guarantee that some of your employees won’t be under a lot of stress. If you recognize that one of your employees is on the edge, you should do everything in your power to help them. In turn, your employees will be happier, and you’ll have a better company in the long run. Because people are the company, and their mental well-being means prosperity for you and the business that you’re trying to run.

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