The Psychology Of Digital Marketing

How formulaic is digital marketing? Do you just have to follow a big checklist, crossing things off as you go? Or is it more about psychology, reacting to customers as they engage with your brand?

It turns out that it’s a bit of both. There are a number of psychological triggers you need to know to encourage your customers to do business with you. And when it comes to digital marketing, that matters a lot. Here are some simple psychological tricks you can use to boost conversions.

Establish Authority

Humans naturally seek out authority figures. They need “gurus” or “sages” to help guide them through a complex world. In the past, you merely had to convince others that you had spiritual powers of that you could see the future. But businesses need concrete evidence that they are competent, otherwise, their customers won’t do business with them.

How can you create authority through digital marketing? Easy. One way companies do it is through content collaboration. They go to a leading authority in a particular area and effectively borrow some of their credibility by working with them. Having your name next to an existing authority name can boost your rating among customers.

Another method is to strike out by yourself ad become a thought leader. Smart people can spot genuine talent a mile off and will gravitate to you and your business.

Deal With Loss Aversion

People really don’t like losing something they’ve put effort into getting. This goes all the way back to hunter-gatherer times when people would spend all day tracking down food at great expense. To come up short often meant going hungry.

A major reasons for a company to use a digital marketing agency is to take advantage of this peculiarity of human psychology. Digital marketing agencies tend to be very good at coming up with strategies which make customers believe that your product is scarce and that they should buy now. Things like limiting the amount of time they have to download a free trial or restricting the number of free giveaways can increase interest in your brand.

Use Anchoring

The world is a complicated place. As a result, humans have developed tools to help them navigate it more efficiently. Psychologists call one of these techniques anchoring. Essentially it involves comparing all subsequent options against the one that came first, and it’s just the sort of thing that marketing experts can use to their advantage.

No doubt you’ve experienced this sort of thing yourself. Many times you will have been into a store planning on buying something only to see that there is an added discount. Though you would have bought the product anyway, the added discount helps make the deal even sweeter. This is one of the reasons why companies regularly offer discounts in their email marketing to people who they know are likely to buy anyway.

Companies can also take advantage of anchoring by using bonuses, adding free items onto the base price. This helps to make an audience feel like they’re getting more out of the same deal.

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