The Price Of Professionalism

No matter who you are in business, you’ll always have some kind of idea of how a business should look. Clean, minimalist, rustic, friendly. No matter what it is, or the ideal behind your vision – there is one thread that links all of this and it is the thread of being a professional workplace that isn’t just efficient – but looks productive and efficient.

Now, plenty of businesses seemed laid-back – some restaurants, Google, Apple and plenty of startups in this decade have a laid-back approach that seems almost ‘lazy’. It’s anything but and don’t get lost in this ‘idea’. These businesses are professional of course, and have built up years of branding and ideology to get to the point where their business can look almost effortless. Others, who try to imitate this look genuinely find that their actions become a bit less efficient. Aiming for laid-back ideals without being professional in your approach can be disastrous for your income and the productivity of your business. It has to be done right and your business must look professional if you want to succeed.

Now, appearances are not everything in the world of business, but they play a huge part in being successful. If you don’t ‘look the part,’ are you the part at all? It’s a question that only you can answer, and in the first instance, your business should always look or act like it is a successful and productive place of work. How do you do this? Well – stick to the rules of your branding. If you’re polished and glamorous, you might enforce a strict dress code in the workplace. If your branding is something more casual, you might go for a totally customer-orientated approach and dress more casually. You want to look like your business, in a perfect world, anyway.

Being professional isn’t just about how you dress or look though – it’s about ensuring that all the i’s are dotted and that all the t’s are crossed. Ensure all your copy that goes a long way to represent your business, is up to scratch. We are not just looking for spelling mistakes – but we are looking for language. Does it sound professional, does it sound like our business? For your communications, here are some professional email newsletter templates you can use – just ensure your grammar is correct and the language is right. It’s all about looking ‘right’ inside and outside the workplace.

It is also about your actions. Do you use slang in a meeting, do you joke around, or do you carry yourself with a professional air? How you should act will always depend on who exactly you are dealing with. With clients, you may want to ramp up the formality of the occasion. With your staff, you may wish to be direct, but fairer and more casual. Your actions are a representation of your business, and you might look the part, but if your actions are betraying you, your business won’t look professional, not in the slightest. Think about how you look and what you do, because your business cannot afford to look unprofessional. The price of professionalism? It might cost you your business!

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