Starting A Shipping Company: Big Or Small?

With the emergence of online shopping, there are more products than ever being moved around. The companies doing the moving are making big money out of it and you could be one of them. Setting up your own shipping company isn’t that difficult with a bit of clever planning and you could make some serious cash. If you’re looking for a new investment, it’s a safe bet. Here’s what you need to do to get started.

Decide On Size

You are going to struggle to compete with some of the huge companies out there but if you can match them, you stand to be incredibly successful. You’ll have to decide whether you’re going to go for it and try to create a company that ships in massive amounts, or whether you’re going to go for something smaller. If you decide on a smaller company, you won’t be able to match the low prices of your bigger rivals but that won’t always be a problem. Some smaller companies prefer to deal with partners of a similar size rather than the larger operations so you’ll have to be proactive in seeking them out. If you try to build a larger operation, there’s no real reason for people to go to you over one of the already established ones. That means that marketing is going to be vital here, it’s still possible with the right campaign, but winning customers is going to be an uphill battle.


When you’re running a smaller enterprise, you’ll only need a couple of vans so if you save a bit of money you should be able to get started yourself. However, if you’re aiming higher you’re going to need more financing. Try companies like Interstate Capital truck financing to find the backing that you need for your new shipping company. Alternatively, you’ll have to find investors that are willing to put up the cash. There is a lot of competition in the shipping industry so you need to give them a reason to go with you and not somebody else. If you’re proposing a shipping company that is exactly the same as the rest, why would they give you their money? You need to find a niche and build your presentation around that so they’re confident in the knowledge that you’ll be able to find customers.


If you max out on overheads straight away then you’ll risk running out of cash early on. When you’re running a smaller operation, you can reduce those overheads by starting from home. That way the only costs that you’ll need to pay are the running of the vehicles and a few other bits of admin. That way you can grow at a steady rate and never overstretch yourself. If you’re trying to build a huge shipping company, running it from home obviously isn’t going to work. You’ll need a depot to run the business from and you’re likely to need more employees so you’ll need office space for them as well. This is going to massively increase your startup costs so when you’re looking for investors, you’ll be asking for a lot more money.  

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