Six Secrets To Creating Happy Customers

As any manager knows happy customers are a good thing. That is because when they are spending money with you, it is where you make your profits. But how exactly do you get happy customers, and maintain their level of satisfaction? Keep reading to find out.

Offer a lifestyle not just a product

One way to ensure you the customer is absolutely as happy as can be when buying your product is to expand the scope of what you’re selling. That means don’t focus just on what your product or service does, but what it means as well.

This is all about aspirational selling, where folks buy things because they want to buy into a part of a lifestyle, not just because they are functional objects. The advantage of this type of selling is that you can often charge a lot more for your product and it’s easier to create a buzz around it, meaning what you have on offer is more in demand.

But for the customer, it increases the value of the experience of buying what you have on offer. As well as their satisfaction when they have achieved such as purchase, and get to take it home.

Have amazing sales staff

Another secret to ensuring that you customers are always happy is to have the best sale staff that you can get. In fact, these guys are vital to both customer satisfaction and your businesses success, so it’s definitely worth recruiting them carefully and training them well.

Of course, working with the public isn’t always the easiest of role, and they will have challenging situations and people to deal with on a daily basis. To help them give the best service passive, you can use tech like the Wizper AI App, something that allows you to monitor the service your staff are supplying in real time. As well as acknowledge staff when they have performed particularly well.

This can be incredibly helpful because in a busy sales environment it can be hard for a manager to get a true 360 sense of how their employees are doing, let alone have time praise them, something that is great for morale and so the business as a whole.

Provide other services

You can also get happy customers by providing something other than just selling products. Real life businesses do this by having interactive toys, or displays for kids to get involved in. An online shop can do this through offering things like widgets or calculators to visitors.

Or why not offer servicing, repair, or support for the product that you are selling. As giving customers an easy way to access any help they need can definitely make them happier.

In this way, you can create a positive association between you and your customer, and gaining their trust. Something that can go a long way to fostering their happiness while shopping with you.

Don’t make returns a nightmare

We have all had that experience when we are unhappy with an item and want to return it. Only to find out that the shop has a ridiculously complicated return policy. Meaning you can only get a refund if you bring it back on the first Tuesday of the month, while wearing green, and when the wind is blowing in an easterly direction. It’s really not fun, and it’s is guaranteed to annoy your customers.

Instead, make a return as easy as you can. If you are a retail store, have a separate desk where the customer can go to get this sorted. As the saves them having to wait in long lines just to get their money back.

If you’re an online store, offer free returns, and ensure that you drop the nonsense about writing in any detail why the product wasn’t suitable for you.

Also, remember having an easy return policy works in you businesses favor as well. As if customers know they can return things easily, the will think less about the purchase they do buy. Meaning it’s easier to close the deal.  

Provide an enjoyable shopping experience

Another secret to keeping your customers happy is to make their shopping experience as pleasant as possible. Of course, this will be different if you are working in a retail store or offer an online platform for your customer to shop at.

Firstly in a real life shop, remember that space, light, and aesthetically pleasing displays are all vital in creating the right ambiance for people to shop.

While, when online it’s more about the usability of the websites. The clarity of the information, and the ordering process. As well as the standard of the photos that you provide.

Delivery shouldn’t be extra

Another less discussed ways to keep you the customer happy is to offer free, fast delivery, whether you are selling online or in a physical store. But why you ask? Well, it’s because the modern market is so much more about convenience that it ever was. So as a company, you have to keep pace with that to keep you the customer happy.

Fast and free delivery works because your customer knows that they will get their item quickly, without having to pay any extra. This is a combination that appeals both to convenience as they will get their item delivered straight to their house. As well as to frugality, as it does not cost any more. Meaning they feel as if they are coming out with a bonus for shopping with you, as opposed to your competitors.

Free gifts win friends

Lastly, another secret to customer satisfaction is to offer them more for their money. More bang for their buck so to speak. But how can you do this?

Well firstly, why not try giving free gifts away with a purchase over a certain price? This could be a trial size of your other products. A particularly good idea as you are expanding your market while offering a bonus to your customers.  

Secondly, instead of offering a free gift, you can run special sales where you charge for two items but allow the customer to pick three. Nothing makes people happier than getting a bargain, and it can help you shift you old stock into the bargain as well.

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