Is Your Website Damaging Your Small Business?

Your website is the first chance you get to make a good impression to customers. The way it looks can massively influence whether they keep clicking to make a purchase, or close the page altogether. As a business, it’s something that absolutely has to be right, or you risk losing sales and damaging your business. Is yours due a revamp? If it’s missing any of the following things, it’s time to contact a web designer.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Your website needs to look neat, tidy and pleasing to the eye- this is one thing customers will be looking for. Anything that looks cluttered, spammy or full of ads is going to be immediately off- putting. Make sure it’s obvious at a glance what your business is/ does. If it’s a hotel web design for example, you’d want it to be clear that you run a hotel as opposed to a guesthouse or B&B. If you sell services, it needs to be clear exactly what they are. You might know your business inside out, but it might not be so obvious to a customer.  Everything should look balanced, there shouldn’t be too much information crammed on the main page, and the colors and fonts should be tasteful and easy to read.

Simple Navigation

Since you won’t be able to include all your information on the main page, this will need to be written on additional pages. So it’s important that customers can easily find and access these pages. Menu links should be relevant and organized, use sub-categories if needed rather than cluttering the space with lots of different links. Once your site has been designed, it’s worth asking a few different people to have a look around it to ensure that it is intuitive, and you’ve not overlooked anything important.

Organized Content

As with navigation, the way your content is organized is incredibly important. When reading websites, the majority of people will skim through information and pick out points of interest instead of reading the whole thing. You can make it easy for them to find the information they need by splitting up text into paragraphs with subheadings.

Easy to Search

A search bar is an important feature on any website. It means it’s easy to find any content on the site without having to trawl through pages and pages of content. Ensure that your search bar is setup to search your website only, some are linked to search engines, and it can be frustrating pulling up these results when that’s not what you’re after. Make it too difficult for people to find what they’re after, and they are likely to just click off.

A Business Blog

A company blog is hugely beneficial for websites. It drives more traffic to your website by giving search engines more pages to index on your site. It also shows that you are knowledgeable in your business field, and have spent time and effort researching and writing posts. Blogging can help you to build and audience and a fan-base of loyal customers.

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