Is Social Media Really That Helpful For Business Growth?

You want the short answer? It’s “yes” – though you need to be careful in your approach.

A lot of people deny the power of social media for business growth. But look around you when you’re next on public transit: you’ll notice that most people are on their phones. Most of them are probably browsing social media. If you’re launching a startup or you’re eager to take your business to the next level with social media, here are some simple steps to help you fly.

Draw up a strategy

Using social media marketing isn’t as simple as creating a page and asking a lot of people to like it. There are dynamics involved and drawing up a strategy will enable you to create a diverse, effective and engaging campaign.

Think carefully about your product or service and the target market. You can find out more about defining a target market at What does that demographic want to see online? What kind of content can you produce to make you appeal to your audience? How can you media sites to distinguish your business from others?

Think about your platforms

Social media is increasingly diverse and it’s important to move with the times to enjoy the best of this market. Social marketing can be employed on a variety of different platforms. Do your research to find out how they work and select which sites best apply to your business. Facebook and Twitter tend to have a broader demographic, though you can get help in the initial steps with websites like Snapchat and Instagram are very popular with younger people. Consider which kinds of social media outlets your target market use and focus your efforts on these specific platforms.

Although social marketing can be incredibly effective, it is not the only marketing method. Your social media account should be a part of a wider strategy. By doing this, you can reach out to a more diverse audience and increase your presence.

Seek advice from the experts

If you’re new to social media and digital marketing, it’s always best to consult experts for advice. Pick up on trends, learn about what sells and plan for the future so that you are always one step ahead. Do some research to see how other successful campaigns run and adapt your plans in line with the market.

Get people talking

Millions of people all around the world use social media on a daily basis. The aim of successful marketing is to create something unique, eye-catching and thought-provoking. Once something you post captures the imagination of one user, it can spread like wildfire. You may be able to find some useful advice for going viral over at Shared images and clips can generate significant interest within seconds. Think outside the box and base your content on current and emerging trends and subjects of interest and intrigue.

Once you have an established audience, it’s essential to be consistent. People tend to get bored quickly and easily on social media. Always ensure your content is original and relevant. Pictures and videos are often more engaging than text.

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