Growing Your Business With Efficiency Takes A Smart Business Leader – Here’s How To Be One

Most everyone who opens their own business would like to grow it over time. That is the starting dream of anyone taking such a risk, as the reward promises to make that initial sacrifice worth it. Many people remortgage their homes, take out business loans or spend their savings in an effort to increase their potential for success. Around half of all businesses no longer exist after five years of operation.

That should be enough to elucidate the fact that for most businesses, surviving is as important as growing, and sometimes takes precedence. You’ve probably heard the term ‘a good offence is a good defense,’ and some business leaders enjoy taking this quote as justification to aggressively expand their operation as a means of becoming more relevant in their industry, and making their brand a household name. While this might not sound like a wise idea, sometimes, it’s just what’s needed.

However, to successfully pull this off, it requires a smart and shrewd business leader to do so. This article will helpfully explain how you can become one with the temerity to improve yourself and your firm in the direction that you choose. It will detail tactics and strategies to improve your firm, yourself and the overall perception both of those fields command.

Shrewd Marketing

Shrewd marketing is the most important way of bringing exposure to your brand, and these days, it requires every trick in the book to be seen. Remember, consumers these days are smarter than ever. Centuries of marketing have led to an understanding of how the practice works, and the tactics it employs to move people to purchase.

As a result, they are resistant to this, and will only stay interested in the fields that they enjoy reading about or operating within. Your goal as a new firm is to be accessible to everyone, even if you only sell to a niche crowd. The point is that somebody ‘could’ purchase the product from anywhere, even if they only need it due to a specific circumstance.

For these reasons, you should employ an eye-catching, humorous and unique marketing campaign, complete with memorable slogans, logo’s, easy of access to your store, and an identifiable theme. It’s worth hiring graphic designers and/or a professional marketer if you can justify the funds. Usually these guys are worth their weight in gold.

You should also hire on all major advertising platforms. This includes all of the social media and video platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram advertising. Snapchat now has a very interesting ‘story feature,’ in which you can embed your advertisement after someone finishes viewing their friends video. Not only that, but even apps and digital marketplaces that you wouldn’t expect are open for marketing affiliation. These include making a persistent profile for your firm on the popular dating app Tinder that ‘auto-likes’ everyone who comes across the profile. If they like in return, they can receive an automated message about why your firm is worthy of their time, and how to access it in the first place.

Not only that, but it’s worth making use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing, a technique that has exploded in popularity thanks to its versatility and ability to reach a broad audience subtly. Hiring an SEO firm to craft and collate content on various blogs or web platforms that host your affiliate link is a great way of ‘outsourcing’ your marketing strategy. You needn’t be so blunt about the process either, submitting a link for the SEO firm to use and spread as if it was their own. You might choose to simply spread exposure to a benign and helpful article or piece of content on your website that actually helps consumers, and as a result they’re much more likely to hear of your firm organically. Remember, marketing, marketing, marketing of anything you have will serve you well in some way.

Use a full strategic approach to your marketing, to make sure that you capitalize from and retain customers from all corners of the internet. The internet is the best place to reach anyone worldwide, so be sure to use it.


Being a shrewd and smart business owner requires a huge degree of finesse, and this is no further emphasized than in the timing you must employ to make your business a success. The best way to explain this is to use examples. Imagine that you are developing a new software package that promises to revolutionize the new means of photo editing. You have a crafted a program of such nuance and depth that it could potentially rival Adobe’s creative suite, which is now used industry-wide as the de-facto software package for creative pursuits.

If you time your release and exposure with a new update, a new package, or a new program that Adobe releases, you have not make great use of timing. If you time the release a few moments after the business calendar year, missing the cutoff point where corporations are more likely to budget for the licensing of their yearly use of these products, you have not made great use of timing.

Instead, to imprint your own brand identity in the field you’re attempting to place it in, you must adhere to quality timing considerations to make sure everything works out the way you intend. Timing is key, and it can only be felt through the current trends of modern times. You must research and understand the patterns of the industry you are operating in to stay maximally effective. You must make use of all modern platforms, such as Twitter and insta-news sites. You must craft your own RSS feeds that help constantly drip feed you with new information that might be relevant to your firm.

Businesses that stay ahead of the times are businesses that thrive and survive. Makes sure in your leadership duties that you do this with diligence and effectiveness.


As your business increases in size and scope, you can begin to stop outsourcing and instead place your money in long-term investments that will prove to save you money in the years to come. Transport is a great example. For many product delivery and supply needs, businesses are prone to using large transport firms that are effective and reliable but take a great deal of investment to use, especially if you’re transporting huge orders over long distances, or even internationally. What’s more, is that when these transporting trucks drive from an outsourced firm, they advertise the firm you are outsourcing and not your own.

If you’re of the requisite size to support it, purchasing trucks to fuel your transporting warehouse requirements in the name of the business can be a fantastic pursuit, especially if you are involved in a field that requires moving delicate equipment, such as a large catering or video production firm. You should take a look at the info from Truck Dealers to ascertain the cost and build it into your transport budget, as well as peruse the best deals you can find.

Over time, you will be certain to save a plethora of budgeting transport investment, and not only that, but you can proudly brandish your logo across the highways of your nation, thus increasing the exposure your firm receives.


Now for the personal considerations that must be undertaken during a difficult expansion of your firm. It’s not difficult to realize just how intense growing a firm can be. Thousands if not millions of things call for your attention every day, and having the inner strength to apply yourself in the areas that really need it without being scattered-minded or prone to mental overload takes diligence and skill. Some people are born for it and love the process. Some people are less so. If you are less so, you shouldn’t be prevented from running the firm of your dreams. Instead, you should focus on the wide range of considerations that go into the mental upkeep of a shrewd business leader.

There are many methods to help you do this. Keep on top of your health through exercise and eat easily digestible, nutritious meals during the days so you don’t experience burnout. Meditate to help stay out of the ‘calculating mindset’ in your free time, so you can better apply it with integrity during your daily working life. What’s more important, take regular breaks in the year for a few days of holiday here and there. The benefits of running a firm are non-existent if you’re not taking advantage of them, past earning money that you won’t have the time to spend during long working hours.

It might feel tempting to place numerous hours in the growth of your firm, and during significant milestones like negotiating branding or trade deals, this might be required. But overwork is a thing, and many CEO’s have burned out because of it. At the very least, you should take a break to refine your business skills. Doing so will help you trim the fat and work on your daily competence with a measure of skill that will only increase your current success.

Keep on top of these simple tips, and your firm is likely to explode in growth and ability.

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