Four Things About Digital Marketing That All Business Owners Need To Know

In this day and age, digital marketing is something that all businesses need to pay close attention to. Your customers are online, and they look for answers to their problems online. So you need to be part of that if you have a solution to their problem! If your business isn’t something that is based online, you can still take advantage of digital marketing. It is all about getting your name out there so that you can increase your customer base and find your target audience. So if you think your businesses digital marketing game needs to step up, then here are some things about digital marketing that all businesses need to know.

Mobile Friendly Is a Must

How many of us look at websites on our phones? I’m willing to bet that for the majority of people, they look on their phones more than they do on a computer or laptop. So your website and anything you do online needs to be geared towards, and work on smaller screens. In fact, not Google penalize those sites that aren’t mobile friendly. So make sure that your website design is up to scratch. If you’re not sure what it should be looking like, then a site like could help. If you haven’t updated your website for a while, then make sure you do as soon as possible.

Use Apps

It might not work for all businesses. But if you just watch TV for a short amount of time, you’ll see how many people are saying to search for them or download the app. Many users prefer to download an app than use a website as it makes things quick and easy for them. So if you don’t already, could an app work for your business? It might not work for everyone, so you could also think about using the ads on apps, as you can be more specific with your target audience.

Social Media

You’d be surprised just how many businesses don’t think about social media and the role that it plays in marketing. But it is so important! Your customers are on social media, so you need to be on social media. It is a good way to give customer service too. Long gone are the days of writing in to complain when you can just send a tweet over on The same goes for ads on social media too; you can be much more specific with your target audience, so it is a tool that should be used to the full.

Search Engine Rankings

In order for new people to find you as they are looking for their answers, then you need to be coming in on that first page of search engine searches. So SEO is very important for your website. Have you got some decent back-links? Have you tagged your pictures with alternative text? Are you blogging as part of your business? You can open up your business to a whole range of potential new customers through blogging.

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