Could Employee Training Be The Key To Profit Growth?

Employee training may be an outgoing expenditure that you are trying to avoid at the moment. When you are looking to make savings in your business, it is an easy target and is often viewed as an unnecessary expense. This, however, could not be further from the truth and is something that you should reconsider.

If you change your mindset and start to view employee training as a way to make money rather than something that costs you money you could turn your business fortunes around very quickly.

Your employees are an integral and vital part of your organization. If you don’t manage them correctly, you are missing out on what could be your businesses greatest asset. The process starts at the recruitment stage when you must attract the correct candidates and make the right selection for the vacant post. Then you need to manage your workforce effectively. You will need to strike a balance between encouragement, rewards, and sanctions. Employee training, on an on-going basis, is a vital part of the human resources function and can be viewed as a reward because it has benefits for the employee as well as for your business profits. It needs to be at the center of how you manage your employees.

Why your business needs well-trained employees

A trained employee is able to complete their job more effectively and efficiently and they are happier and more highly motivated at work. There is plenty of research that shows that employee training raises job satisfaction and morale in the workforce. This, of course, translates into higher sales figures for your product or services and increased profits.

Outdated sales, technology and health and safety techniques and modalities are harming your business so it is time to do acknowledge this and do something about it.

Where to start with employee training

The obvious place to start is with sales technique training. Consult the sales training experts and select from open training or in-house courses. You can get a personalized quote for your training needs which will be specific to the employee that needs training and to your business. The improvement in turnover and sales will be apparent almost immediately as your highly skilled and highly effective workforce swings into action.

Information technology skills are highly relevant to any business. Ideally, the training will allow you to designate one employee to deal with all your computer-related issues. You maintain complete control over the IT side of your business and you don’t have to rely on buying in an expensive consultancy that does not understand how you operate.

Your own employees are better placed to spot where the issues are arising and to sort them out. Because they are based in your business they are always available and have a thorough working knowledge of your equipment. Training is available for specific systems and functions. Training in cyber security is essential in today’s business world and could prevent a catastrophic breach of your systems.

Health and safety training is often neglected but is essential in modern work premises. As an employer, you are required by law to provide your employees with the instruction and training that they need to complete their job safely.

If your employees are required to use dangerous plant or machinery then they will require thorough training in how to operate them. Employees that need to wear personal protective clothing such as hard hats or ear defenders, must be trained in why it is important to use them and how to use them correctly. Employees who need to work with violent or aggressive clients must receive training in how to handle this effectively. First aid training is useful for all employees and some workplaces are required to have a trained first-aider on site.

Training is not a one-off provision

It is important that you do not view training as a one-off provision. It is something that needs to be kept under continual review. It is useful if you can integrate training into your staff appraisal so that employees are involved in continually identifying their training needs. This can be reported back as part of an annual review. The law states that health and safety training must be continually updated.

Training techniques and courses are continually updated and it is important that you keep up to date with the latest training in your industry. You can do this by reading trade magazines and joining trade organizations.

The sooner you invest in training your employees the better. You will soon begin to reap the benefits!

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