App Abandonment: How Do You Keep Users Coming Back?

An app can be a vital part of your small business. Not only can it simplify the experience for your customers, but it also gives you the opportunity to have a permanent place on their digital window. It’s like a piece of constant marketing; as if you have been able to erect a billboard outside of their kitchen window.

So you have an app, people have downloaded it – that’s pretty much job done, right? You can tick that off and move onto another aspect of your business.

Not quite. While it’s easy enough to get customers to download an app – especially if you offer incentives for doing so – it’s a lot trickier to get to get them to use the app. If you’re not careful, your app can just become another that they scroll past while searching for something else; a digital blur; a nothing; something they eventually uninstall next time they’re running low on space. Studies have shown one in four people abandon an app after the first use, according to – so how do you ensure you beat the odds with your offering?

DO… be on the lookout for errors.

If a customer goes to use your app and it crashes, then how many chances do you think they are going to give you? The answer is a definitive: not a lot. The app will be uninstalled in lightning quick time, meaning all the effort you put into persuading them to download is now lost. To guarantee everything is ticking along as it should be, you need to go out of your way to learn more at so you can detect problems before customers have to experience them.

DON’T… send too many notifications.

Notifications sound like a perfect way of grabbing attention from users when they might otherwise not be paying attention, so you might be tempted to front load on them. Given that users can disable them if they’re annoyed, there’s no harm in making use of them – right?

Wrong; users don’t like excessive notifications. At their worst, they can be an instant reminder of that app they have been meaning to uninstall. If you must use notifications, then make sure they are beneficial – offering a discount code or launching a brand new product. Never just send notifications for the sake of it.

DO… keep it small.

It’s safe to say that most of us struggle to keep space in our phone storage. Device storage is no longer just about the basics; it’s now where we keep our photos, videos, music, and even eBooks. If your app is huge in size, then you’re guaranteeing that you’ll be one of the first to be culled the next time a user needs a bit more space in their phone.

DON’T… bore your users.

If you’re going to have an app, then it needs to be producing fresh content – be it blog posts, product launches, or anything else that’s pertinent to your business. If you just release the app and then forget about it, you’re offering one-shot value to the customer. Keep it fresh and interesting to ensure they won’t even be thinking about uninstalling it anytime soon.

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