5 Ways To Increase Your Company’s Productivity With Tech

Embracing the latest tech isn’t something that companies just do for show. Most tech exists to create shortcuts and make our lives easier, and is business that can mean getting more work done in a shorter time. Business technology can be hard to keep up with as it is constantly progressing at such a fast rate and there are plenty of gadgets and software packages out there that you really DON’T need. However, get hold of the right tech and you could end up beating all of your competitors for efficiency. Here are just some examples of tech that your workplace could benefit from.

Trade in letters for email

Most of us use email now, but a lot of us also still cling onto posted mail when it comes to certain situations. In this day and age, becoming paperless is easier than ever before. Cloud services such as Dropbox can allow you to send huge documents and masses of information that may be too big for regular email. There are meanwhile apps for electronically signing documents such as DocuSign, which can prevent the need to send contracts and applications in the post to be signed. Embracing some of these methods could stop you having to wait days for a reply, reducing the correspondence to a matter of minutes so that you can get more done in your day.

Make physical jobs less physical

There are plenty of physical jobs that can take hours such as moving and shifting items. This is particular the case for storage and delivery sectors. Simple gadgets such as conveyor belts from Gough Econ Inc could make it easier to move goods around. Workers will get less tired and therefore work more efficiently. In some cases, tech such as heavy machinery or advanced computers can be expensive, however there are hire companies out there that can make this cheaper, so long as you only need the machine on a temporary basis.

Automate your accounting

Book-keeping can be tediously time-consuming. Many business owners will hire an accountant, but this can be expensive. A cheaper and fast solution can sometimes be to use an accountancy software solution such as Intuit Quickbooks. Such programs automatically calculate the taxes you owe, whilst some programs can also automatically handle your payroll or even use analytics to record how well your business is doing financially and where you can improve.

Cut out travelling to meetings with video communication

The days of having to travel afar for face-to-face meetings with clients are over. Many companies are now using video communication tools such as Bluejeans to have face-to-face conversations with clients without having to leave their office. This cuts out not just the time spent travelling, but also the money spent travelling. Video communication can even be used to hold conferences, to hold presentations and even to host tours.

Work from any location

Cloud technology has made it possible to now work from any location. By storing your files on a cloud server rather than on your computer, you can access them from anywhere. This may allow you to do your book-keeping on the train to work or even take all your staff out to the pub for a meeting as a fresh change from the office.

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