5 Thoughts For Marketing Your Business By Hosting An Event

If you’re looking for an exciting, unique way to market your company, why not consider hosting an event? These are opportunities for you to show the world who your company is, solidify your branding, and make valuable connections that will repay your company again and again. What’s more is that they’re not all that difficult to arrange. In fact, more often than not, they’re fun! If you think that you might be interested in hosting an event of your own, take a look at the four things you’ll need to keep in mind during the process.

Who’s it For?

Before you begin thinking about the details of the event, you’ll need to think about who exactly you’re hosting this event is for. Is it to reward your existing customers for their continued loyalty, or are you trying to market yourselves to potential clients? If you’re hosting the event to promote a new product, service, or business premises location, then you’ll need to make that the center of your event. Essentially, when you know what you’re trying to achieve and who you will be inviting, you’ll be able to start creating the tone of the party.

Where and When?

There’s a fine art to picking the right time and location for your event. If it’s at the wrong time of year, then it won’t matter how good it is – everybody will already have plans. Of course, the timing will also influence the tone of the event; if it’s a daytime thing, then it’ll be more casual and may even be family friendly. If it’s the evening, it’ll be smarter clothing and a more ‘party’ atmosphere. Also, be sure to schedule the event at least six weeks in advance, to give people time to get it in their diaries.

Bringing the Fun

People will not show up to an event if it’s obviously only being held to market your business (as much as you’d like to think otherwise). You need to add a few dashes of fun in there to keep people interested. Keep the bar well-stocked with a selection of drinks, and ensure you take a look at ice makers so they can be served nice and chilled. Unless someone in your office has experience on the decks, you’ll also want to invest in a DJ to keep things flowing all night long. Finally, adding a touch of carefree fun, such as a photo booth or a game, and a few freebies to take away will ensure people are kept well entertained during the event.

After the Event

During the event, it’ll be up to you to make connections with people, but you should leave any serious business until after the event has finished. Let people have fun! When it’s over, and you’re back in the office, you can get to work on following up on leads that you might have established during the afternoon or evening. You’ll also have everybody’s email addresses and maybe other contact details, which are perfect for growing your marketing database list.

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