Why Google Is Your Business’s Best Friend Online

The online world has absolutely changed what modern business looks like. There’s no question about that. Perhaps one company, in particular, has had more to do with that change than any other. That’s Google. It’s more than a search engine, it’s a range of tools and practices that have a lot more than you might think to offer your business. Here are three of the main ways in which your business should start cozying up to the online giant and start benefiting from it.


Perhaps the most obvious way to see how Google helps you is through its function as a search engine. Your presence on that search engine can play a huge role in your business’s ability to attract new clients. It’s the most used amongst its like and it’s how most people look for answers to their queries and problems online. Search engine optimization is the process by which your site ensures that its chief amongst the recommended search results for those surfers. Through content creation, site relevance, and a few tricks, you can ensure that people who your business can serve come in contact with them before any of your competitors or the less relevant results. You can include things like your address and local data so you have more chance of appearing to people in your area.


If there’s one thing that every single business needs to succeed, it’s a better understanding of their consumer. Their habits, their wants, their demographics. How they use the internet and, most relevantly, how they find and use their site. Google Analytics is one of the tools that can help you build that understanding on a specific basis. You can see, for instance, by what means your consumers are reaching your site. If you find that one social media network leads to more links than any other, you can better focus your presence there. Then you can see what pages they’re most likely to use and optimize that page with calls-to-action and more tempting web design to better convert them.


It’s not just your customers you should be willing to learn more about, either. It’s the industry at large. For one, using Google as a search engine can help you see what is considered most relevant for queries you believe you should be getting top billing in. You can see what branding, site design, and content are helping them take the position that should be yours. But Google Alerts is another tool that can help you follow and track the movements in the industry, between specific developments and new from competitors to networking opportunities and trends as a whole.

Hopefully the above shows you why you should start taking Google seriously not only as a search engine but as a range of tools to help you get the most of your business in the online world. More customers, a better understanding of them, and the ability to stay relevant to their interests are all achievable with the help of that one company.

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