Tips To Improve Efficiency In The Construction Industry

Construction is a labor intensive industry, and that means that if your workers aren’t as productive as they could be, especially when you’re running a small business, you won’t see the kind of profits you’d expect. That’s why it will almost certainly pay off if you take simple steps to improve the efficiency of your construction business.

Don’t know how? Check out these tips to improve efficiency in the construction industry right now:

Treat Your Workers Right

When you’ve noticed that your business isn’t being run as efficiently as it could be, it’s easy to blame your employees and start getting on their backs to improve things, but this is rarely a good strategy not only because it’s usually failings that come under management’s control that are causing efficiency issues, but also because this will further demotivate your workers, and that is likely to cause productivity to drop also.

Cut Unproductive Time

Research into industrial industries has shown time and again that only 50 percent of employee time is spent actually working on productive tasks, with the remainder being wasted by waiting time. So, if you can cut the amount of time your employees have to, for example, wait for building materials to be delivered, you will see an improvement in productivity and thus, your bottom line.

Monitor Activity

If you’re struggling to get to the bottom of your efficiency issues, it’s never a bad idea to start monitoring the time spent on various activities n the construction site. This will give you an insight into how time is spent, how long tasks typically take your workers and how and where time is being wasted unnecessarily. You can then implement simple changes, like adding more toilets to the site or sending out a sandwich order instead of having all the staff go off site so that inefficiency is minimized.

Use the Right Tools

In the construction industry, the simple act of supplying staff with the right tools can save huge amounts of time. For example, using a thermal flow switch without moving parts makes it easier to work in those hard to reach places, and the amount of maintenance required is significantly lower than when using a similar switch with moving parts. So, take inventory of all the tools, equipment and machinery you have and seriously think if there’s a better alternative you could be using instead. Sure, you’ll have to spend some cash making the changes, but the savings you make will add up to a lot more.

Improve Communication

Another thing that can be pretty inefficient is communication between managers, supervisors and worker on the ground. If communication is poor, it can lead to all sorts of things from botched jobs to various tasks not getting done. All parties should, therefore, be trained to communicate clearly and effectively, where possible.

Use Technology

Last, but certainly not least, if you own a construction company, you’d be foolish not to take advantage of all the modern technology that makes running a company so much more efficient. Look into things like project management apps and scheduling software, and you’ll never look back.

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