The H-Bomb: Learning To Keep Your Employees “Happy”

Keeping your employees happy isn’t just doing one thing, and by magic everyone is satisfied. If it were that simple, everyone would be running their own business without issue. But the fact is, whether you’re running a hugely successful company, or you’re expanding on your small business, the hardest thing for you to keep up is the morale of your employees. And this is your responsibility. If you’re starting a company, it can be very hard to keep every plate spinning, and you may think that morale isn’t your priority when you’ve got so many other pressing issues. So, how can you strike a balance when you’re still learning too?

Encourage Ownership

Perhaps the most convenient method of keeping everyone on the same page is to fully trust people and to give them complete control over their work. Trust is the one thing that you need to have from the off, and by encouraging your employees to own their duties does two things, it shows you trust them, and it takes a bit more off your plate, leaving you some extra breathing space to do your duties.

Admit Your Mistakes

You’re learning, and while it might be tempting to try and paper over the cracks, this isn’t very inspiring if people find out that you are. So by making sure you admit an error and that you’ve learned from it, it’s reinforcing the honesty is the best policy notion. You aren’t running a school of children, so don’t treat your staff like children! If you’ve done something wrong and you own up to it, and you are honest about how you’re going to rectify the matter it will promote a lot more respect for you than trying to cover it up.

Money Does Matter

In the early days of a business, you can struggle financially, and you can struggle to keep employees, especially if you have a shoddy framework or business model. If you aren’t organized with your finances, it can make for a very haphazardly run company, and people expect to get paid at the end of the month! The best approach is to have a suitable filing system in place, and this can be something simple like popular accounting software programs. Even something as simple as a paystub generator program makes for a quick and easy way to breakdown everyone’s earnings at the end of the month, and you can give them access to so they can print their own pay stubs. And while money isn’t everything, it’s what you need to have to keep people on board.

Lead With Consistency

Depending on the work culture, you may run a relaxed ship, but when it comes to pressures, you have to put the “Boss” hat on. This isn’t consistent, and while you need an open relationship with your colleagues, if you’re making the decisions that affects everyone, being a good leader proves to be the better option time and again. The inconsistencies of a business are the bigger problem than if you’re trying to be everyone’s friend.    

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