Managing A Winning Team: How To Keep Your Employees On Side

Unless you’re a one-man band, it’s highly likely that you depend on others around you to run a successful business. When you’re an employer, it’s important to be aware of how your employees feel and to take steps to ensure that they enjoy their job, they’re safe at work, and they’re keen to commit to the cause. If you’ve got a happy team, there’s every chance that you’ve also got a productive team. If you want to manage a winning team, here are some hints to help you keep your employees on side.

Setting clear goals

There’s nothing worse than trying to work at something that you don’t really understand. If you’re confused about what you’re supposed to be doing or why you’re doing it, it’s going to be difficult to get things done. As the manager, it’s essential to establish clear goals and to make sure that every individual knows what they’re doing at any given time. If everything is going to plan, the cogs will turn as expected and you’ll hit those targets. If you don’t communicate clearly, even a minor mishap can set you back. Organize regular meetings, and encourage your employees to ask questions. If you’re approachable, and you take time to talk to your employees, they won’t think twice about double checking with you if they have queries or concerns.

Creating a productive, safe, and inspirational work space

If you’re an employer, have a look around you. What do you think about the office, studio or store you manage? Is it a place you’d like to spend nine hours a day? It’s your responsibility not solely to ensure staff safety at work, but also to try and create a positive vibe and encourage productivity. In addition to complying with regulations and health and safety guidelines, have a think about how you can make the space more inspiring and motivational and create a workplace that promotes cohesive working. You don’t have to go crazy and fit slides instead of stairways or put a pool table in the middle of the office. But a little color, some wall art, and a layout, which makes it easy to work on joint projects, are ideas worth considering.

Moving on up

Most of us have desires to progress. If you have a job that you enjoy, but there’s no chance to move up the ladder, earn more money or take on extra responsibilities, then you may look elsewhere. As an employer, you should support your staff and recognize their value. Provide training and learning opportunities and consider looking in-house before you advertise senior jobs externally. If you see potential, it makes sense to nurture talent rather than losing your best employees to other companies.

Every company owner wants to get the most out of their team. It’s not easy to manage a group of people, but if you take these tips on board, you should be able to keep your star players on side and take your team right to the top.

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