Make Marketing More Visual With Better Branding

Visual marketing helps to attract customers and is an essential part of any marketing strategy. When you’re working on content and branding, using highly visual methods is imperative if you want to get people’s attention. While text-based content is useful, and audio can play its role too, you need to use images, colors, and videos if you hope to become an eye-catching and recognizable brand. It can be harder to make some companies more visual than it is for others. For example, if you sell beauty products or vacations, it’s pretty easy. If you sell accounting services, it’s a little more difficult. However, you can still take a visual approach to marketing

Use High-quality, Unique Images

Stock photography has its place in marketing, but it’s not always the best choice. It can work well for blog posts or the odd social media post, but there are times when you need your own, unique images. For example, if you need images for your website, it will look better to have quality photos of your products. Or you might want to provide photos of your employees to help humanize your brand. If you want unique photos, you need to use a photography service that will deliver what you need. Take a look at the portfolio of any service to assess the quality of their work. It’s also a good idea to check out their specialty. Some services specialize in product photography, while others are better for portraits of your staff.

Get on the Right Social Media Platforms

Being on social media is a must for any business. Presumably, you’re already on at least one platform, or you’re working on a plan to get a social media strategy up and running. If you want to make your marketing more visual, you should choose the most visual platforms for your social media. Instagram is the leader in this field, and it’s an excellent place to find social media influencers too. You could also do well using Snapchat if you think it would work for your brand. Don’t forget about using visual content on other platforms, though. Facebook and Twitter aren’t purely image based, but you should still use visual content in your posts.

Turn Information into Infographics

Lots of written content can be a little dry sometimes, even when it’s peppered with images. Statistics and numbers, in particular, don’t look particularly exciting when they’re just written down. Using infographics is a great way to make what could be slightly boring information more exciting. It’s also a good way of recycling or re-purposing content you have used before.

Try Video

Still images aren’t the only way to make your brand more visual. Companies are increasingly using video too. While it is possible to make a short video yourself, with the right skills and equipment, many people will advise against it. It’s possible you could make something excellent, and some self-made videos have gone viral for all the right reasons. However, there are also many videos that get attention for the wrong reasons.

Make your brand and marketing more visual by trying out some of these techniques. It’s a great way to make a brand more interesting.

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