How Does a Small Business Take Advantage of the Internet?

We’ve all heard of ways that a business can make use of the internet. We can use online marketing, we can use social media, we could even create a website, but many of those uses require you to have employees or at least outsourcing in order to get the best effect. You can’t really make a website on your own even with the wide array of online tools available, and it’s hard to devise a marketing strategy if you have no experience with it.

It feels like although the internet is a fantastic tool to grow your business, it’s hard for a small business to get their foot in the door. So in order to remedy this, here are a couple of unique ways that a small business can take advantage of the internet with very little or no capital.

Website Basics

Even if it’s just a simple website with your contact information on it, it’s better than not having one. You need to have a very simple website to build on in the future, and it’s critical that you have one made as early as possible. However, instead of using money on a freelancer or outsourcing service to get one made, there are simple ways to create a website using free online tools that are provided by the web hosts themselves. Alternatively, you could use templates that are also provided for free by the web host.

Your First Post

Make sure you add a bit of content to your website. It could be a company blog post, a product description, or an “about us” page that describes your business. Whatever it is, make sure it’s an original piece of content. This is so that your website isn’t flagged for copying content and it also adds a lot of value to your page. It should come as no surprise that websites such as Google frown upon copied content, and if your website is investigated or reported for plagiarizing content, then it will be pulled from Google’s search results and blacklisted.

Optimizing Exposure

Speaking of Google, it’s a good idea to start learning about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in order to increase your website’s exposure. There are some tools such as Yoast that try to analyse your article in order to offer improvements and changes, but they’re not the best. They’re perfect for beginners, but good SEO is always done by hand. Some basic tips including keywords in your website’s content, linking to other pages in your website, and spreading your website on social media.

Connecting Social Media

And to elaborate on social media, you have to understand the power it has over your business. A simple social media account doesn’t cost money to start yet it’s such an amazing tool for exposure. You’ll be able to establish an online presence with ease as long as you sign up for platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook and make regular relevant posts about your business. Some examples include when your website is created, when you add new content to the site, or when you start selling a new product or service.

Taking the Next Step

As you can see, taking advantage of the internet is all about increasing exposure with as little money as possible. Social media is arguably the best way, but you can’t promote a business without having a solid website built on basic principles of good design.

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