Get Happy, Get Productive! 3 Simple Ways To Brighten Your Day

Do you ever feel like despite working relentlessly, you’re not getting all that much done?

When you’re an entrepreneur it’s all too easy to get lost in the minutia of little things that go wrong, setbacks and tedious processes that come hand in hand with running a business. It can be incredibly hard to look back, take stock and appreciate all that you’ve accomplished, your achievements and the obstacles you’ve overcome to get to this point.

If your self from 10 years ago could see you know they’d be turning cartwheels. You’re living your own dream… So why aren’t you happy?

Doubtlessly you’re aware of the link between happiness and productivity. You’ve probably taken great steps to ensure that your employees are kept happy and motivated, but addressing your own happiness can be more complicated.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Being an entrepreneur brings with it a level of accountability, stress and strain that your employees can only guess at. The long hours, the uncertainty and the ever-present feeling that the rug might just be swept out from under you would be enough to get anyone down.

Here are some ways in which you can get happier in your day-to-day activities, thereby increasing your productivity, leading by example and mastering the wheel of life.

Love your workplace

If the sight of your office or premises gives you a feeling of dread then it’s time to make a change. A lick of paint here and there, new office chairs, a sprucing up of the break room or bringing in a stuffed mascot can be a way of banishing any negative associations and creating a sense of fun, comfort and pleasure to brighten your working days.

Start the day on a high-note

Studies indicate that your attitude at the start of the day will determine your outlook for the rest of it. Therefore, brightening your mornings can prove the key to many happier work days to come.

Maybe you could lighten up your commute in by listening to your favorite music, audio book or podcast. Treating yourself to a hand crafted coffee and a treat on the way to work may also get your day off to a good start but give yourself a little time to really savor it rather than just wolfing it down in the car as you weave through traffic.

It’s also a good idea to take a brisk walk before settling at your desk. A few minutes of fresh air can do a whole lot of good for your psychological well being and if you can be close to nature (even if it’s just a few trees) so much the better.

Help someone

Helping others and lending them support is proven to have a positive effect on your mind state. It’s also a great way of maintaining relations with your employees and making it a pleasure to work alongside them. Keep an eye out and see where you can chip in. Maybe you could give someone a helping hand on a project they’re struggling with or mentor them on developing their skills. Perhaps you could let someone leave a half hour early because it’s their turn to pick up the kids. Even offering to do a coffee run is proven to give you the serotonin boost you need to kickstart your work day!


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