Charity Begins At Work…

We all want to do our bit to help people, and philanthropy doesn’t have to be reserved for the multi-millionaires and billionaires of the world, we can all do our bit. But as an entrepreneur, is there a risk in putting money aside for a charitable business? Of course there is! But there’s risk in every business venture. So if you are really thinking you want to start a business that peaks your creativity, makes you work harder than you have before, but also provides a service to people that will help them in some way, and not just something that you can sell, have a think about these two ideas.

An Educational Business

We are all works in progress, and we learn something new every day. From a business perspective, there are plenty of people who cannot afford to go to college or people that can only do long-distance learning from home, so there is always a market for that. But the question to ask yourself is what type of education would you want to provide? The answer is yours to research. The trick to getting yourself known in wider circles is to provide a broader canvas for people to draw from, but as with any company, marketing will be the most important tool in your arsenal. Visit MarketingWorks, Inc. to get some more information on how to make the most of promoting an educational business to the masses. Education can always be a niche subject because there is so much to learn. So if you can corner the market or provide for those that are desperate to further their education but don’t have the means necessary, it will prove to be lucrative as well as fulfilling.

Personal Development

Have you seen those personal development coaches? Self-help is a big market as witnessed by people like Tony Robbins and sites that focus on all aspects of health, such as Bulletproof, and even podcasts like The Tim Ferriss Show. Personal development is a never ending treadmill for so many of us, and for those that have the perfectionist gene, they will never feel fulfilled. And while it’s not right to say “take advantage” of this, but improving ourselves is something we all have a little bit of inside us. From something as common as losing weight to being more confident, to wanting to run a marathon; we can all benefit from the right kind of motivation. As a business model, personal development can be a tricky one to market, because it’s something that usually starts from a grass-roots level. But as people like to learn from their computers and don’t have the time to go for a full-time course, you can make the most of Skype and online communication platforms to speak to clients. This will also give you a wider scope of people to speak to because you can communicate with people from all over. But you need the credentials, so get involved in the right circles and make sure you have the right kind of people on board to give the motivating.

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