Branching Into Content Marketing? 5 Things You Need To Know

Content marketing is no longer a fun novelty, it’s the backbone of your digital interactions with not only your existing customers, but the sea of anonymous faces out there that could become the customers of tomorrow. They will be instrumental to the growth and ongoing success of your business.

With that in mind, it’s important to generate strategically delivered content that users will engage with in meaningful ways that will lead to conversions and new customers.

Whether you’re dealing with your business’ content marketing needs on your own, with a dedicated team or outsourcing it to a dedicated service like Digital Logic, here are some tips that will ensure that your time and resources allocated towards your content marketing yield a good return on investment.

Invest and allocate

Entrepreneurs can be forgiven for being frugal. Heck, any small business needs to keep an eye on their overheads, but the investment in and allocation of the right tools and resources is one of the surest ways to build on a strong foundation. Shop around for the right marketing automation suite, internal task management app and CRM solution for your business’ individual needs. Likewise, ensure that you’re entrusting your marketing operations to the right personnel instead of the person who has the most free time.

Start with cornerstone content

As the name suggests, your cornerstone content should be the foundation on which everything else is based. Your cornerstone content will usually be a landing page although it may be a white paper or an e-book. It should be your manifesto, a go-to resource that comprehensively details everything that makes your business stand out from your competitors.

Create a blog

Your blog should be the mouthpiece of your company’s online presence. It’s where users should go to follow your business’ development and growth. It’s also a great way to ensure that you’re posting content on a regular basis. We recommend posting at least 4-5 days a week to ensure engagement. People don’t tend to visit neglected blogs with only a handful of old posts.

Enforce quality

There’s an old(ish) saying that “content is king”. Little did Bill gates realize when he made that statement that it would lead to a fallacy that lazy bloggers took to mean that any old rubbish will do, so long as it’s posted regularly. While posting content regularly is absolutely essential, nobody’s going to engage with poor quality content regularly.

Make sure that you, or whoever you delegate to writes good quality content that is of value to the user. It should provide them with useful information on a specific subject or help them with a specific problem.

If content is king, then specificity is sultan!

Aim for vibrancy and variety

Users don’t tend to engage with monolithic slabs of text, so you need to make sure that your content is varied and vibrant in appearance. Break up the text with rich (high resolution) images and videos.

You should also aim for variety in the subject matter and format of your content. Readers are capricious, so you may need to mix things up regularly to keep their attention. Try cycling between product comparisons, informative pieces, lists and op-eds to ensure that your content is varied and vibrant!

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