Are These Classic Sales Tactics The Best?

When it comes to sales in business, you can often read all about new and interesting techniques that promise to transform the way your sales team operates – and the results they get. But, you can often find yourself jumping from sales tactic to sales tactic and never really seeing the results you get. So then what do you do? Are you meant just to let your team try whatever they want and hope for the best, or should you take a new course of action? Sometimes, it can be beneficial to take a few steps backward, and try doing things the old-fashioned way, because classic can often be best.

Relationship Sales

Although it’s one of the greats, selling based on relationships is still a technique that performs very well today. Sometimes, it’s the people and their bond that can make a sale in a much more effective manner than a product being sold to a need. Whether you’re marking B2B or B2C, a product or a service, if your sales team can form great relationships with your customers, you’ll have a much better chance of making sales and seeing an increase in orders.


In today’s modern world, not everyone likes to pick up the phone to make a call. But B2B Calling can often be a really strong sales technique. Consumer fields tend to struggle that bit more, just with customers not being as available on the phone (thanks to the working worlds) as they used to be. But for business sales, it can be a really effective way to not only increase your sales, but form relationships that boost those sales in the future.

Sales Training

Sometimes, you just can’t beat a good level of training. Although you may think that you’re training your staff well, if you’re constantly trying new things, changing your techniques and your targets, it’s not going to be very effective. Instead, when you’re training salespeople, you’re going to want to make sure that you stick to a nurturing development plan that can not only enhance their skills but allow you to track results over time.

Pre-Sales Marketing

Then there’s always the solid option of doing a little pre-sales groundwork. Sometimes, cold-calling can shut you down before you’ve even started. So, a little direct marketing before you start the sales process can soften things up a little. Although emails are a great modern development, they often get deleted without getting read. So, letters can be more effective. Not are they virtually extinct in today’s market, they will leave more of an impression for you to follow up with.


And finally, you’re always going to want to make sure that you treat your employees like your best customers. After all, without a strong sales force, your sales will get nowhere. So, think about providing benefits. Incentives are often a great way to encourage sales and reward great work. You might think a salary and bonuses is enough, but if you want your staff to care about their sales, you should always aim to get the extra mile for them.

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