6 Life Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

Hindsight is 20/20, isn’t it? There are tons of things I would have done differently if I had just known then what I know now. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret what I’ve done and the experiences I’ve had in my life, but being able to make some decisions a little easier or being able to avoid some experiences would have made things so much easier.

But that’s how life goes. Our experiences make us who we are. Being able to share those experiences with others is one of the great things about going through them in the first place. Maybe we can help someone be just a little more informed, help someone avoid a mistake we made, or even help some choose an entirely different path for their life.

I consistently mentor and coach my employees to help them move to the next level professionally based on my experiences, their interests, and their current level in their career.

I don’t often have a chance to share my experiences as a blogger. But I was recently approached by Joseph Hogue, author of My Work From Home Money, to get my ideas on what I would have done differently if I could start my online business over, and I was thrilled. My ideas, along with six other successful bloggers, are shared in the article 7 Successful Bloggers Share How They Would Start Over. I highly recommend this great read, especially if you blog or have ever thought about blogging!

While I’m at it, here are a few life hacks that I’ve learned over the years that I hope will make your life just a little easier:

  • When it comes to kids, pick your battles. If you don’t, you’ll fight with your teenager all of the time.
  • Always keep either an electronic copy or a second hard copy of your car registration and insurance cards in a safe place at home.
  • Always try to make it to the big moments – awards ceremonies, graduations/promotions, sporting events, weddings, etc. – for your kids. Those are the ones they will truly remember.
  • Never stop looking for learning opportunities – classes, books, articles, mentors, coaches – from anywhere and everywhere.
  • Stop stressing over the little things. They won’t really matter in the long run.
  • Take time for you.

Sometimes the best things in life happen when life happens, when you’ve made it through the rough patch and the sun starts shining again, and when you’ve made someone else smile.

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